Brain Injury Fact

Traumatic Brain injury is the most frequent cause of death and disability world wide.

Meet your Disability Needs - Taking Charge Fundraising Program

The Developing Foundation offers a fundraising program for families wishing to fund support needs to promote a healthy and inclusive lifestyle for a loved one with brain injury or developmental disability.  90% of the funds raised go directly to meet the special needs of the recipient.  Funds are self-directed by  families and managed by The Developing Foundation on behalf of the recipient. 

Access to our services and programs is through membership of the organisation.  Families caring for a loved one with brain injury or developmental disability are eligible for membership.  The components of the program are outlined below.  To join complete the membership form.

Online Fundraising Training

Comprehensive training is provided to families wishing to participate in our Taking Charge fundraising program.   Training is available online or can be arranged face to face or over Skype.  Each training module takes about 30 minutes to complete and include:

  • New Family Introduction

  • Fundraising - An Overview

  • Fundraising - Getting Started


Vision Planning

The road from injury to independence following a brain injury is a long journey and often needs an intensive and extensive range of services and supports. Whether you wish to set your aims for a year or for your ultimate longer term goal, articulating a vision determines your destination or steps to your destination on this journey.

It is also very important to have a clear message when running public appeals.    Your vision will form part of a clear message which you will use in the promotional materials for your fundraising campaign.  Your potential donors will be much more engaged if they understand what you are trying to achieve.

Needs Assessment & Budgeting

Once you have articulated your vision, the next step is to decide on what is needed to achieve your goals.  After working with hundreds of families over many years, we have developed  a budget template which we believe addresses most of the areas you will need to consider.  The budget total provides your fundraising target and allows you to communicate your needs and target to your supporters and donors.  Budgets are developed for a 12 month period and may be varied during the period depending on prevailing circumstances.  You may download our budget template here.


Online Fundraising Pages

Online appeals are effective fundraising tools.  Complete the online form to request an appeals page.

See live Appeals at this link.


External Fundraising Events conducted by families

Families pay seek approval to conduct their own fundraising event.  These events must be registered with the organisation and we provide the sanction and insurance required.  Families hold a range of events including sausage sizzles, functions, raffles, online auctions, golf days, etc.  Complete the online form to register an event.


Funds Management

We manage the funds through our Deductible Gift Recipient Bank Account.  Families complete and submit an expense claims form to disburse funds to their preferred providers.  Families may request their ledger at any time.  You may download our Self Directed Funds Management Policy here.


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