Seeking answers and solutions for developmental disability through early intervention practice and research. 

During the last 40 years since its establishment, The Developing Foundation has invested millions of dollars in therapies, aids and equipment for hundreds of Queensland children and adults diagnosed with severe brain injury or developmental disability.

Making Better Lives

The Foundation is now investing in early childhood research to understand the most effective treatment for children with brain injury or developmental disability.  Our mission is to provide timely, evidence based information so that parents may choose the most effective interventions. 

So what is different about this research project?  

All children have the right to appropriate treatment and to live an ordinary, inclusive life.  Every parent has the right to know how to help their child. 

Earlier and personalised intervention is critical for better outcomes for children and families.  Without the right early intervention children will often continue to fall further and further behind, becoming long term dependents on parents and carers and requiring significant Government funding.

Together with our strategic partners, Developing Childhood Pty Ltd and Queensland University of Technology, we are designing and building an automated research machine which will also incorporate artificial intelligence.

Every parent and carer who uses the Developing Childhood milestone tracking tool, will provide information which will go into the data pool for continuous, automated research.  Automation will mean research being conducted for virtually no cost and will ensure that vital information will be accessible by parents, health professionals and governments.

How many children are impacted?

  •  1 in 8 children have a disability, that's 53,000 children in Australia

  • 1 in 5 children are at risk for development delays, that's over 40,000 children each year

How will your donations assist?

Your donations will support The Developing Foundation in providing:

  • Web & mobile apps to assist parents in supporting children's development

  • Personalised games and classes for day care and early intervention centres

  • Research software built in partnership with QUT to provide therapy assessments, recommendations, and forecasts.

You can help improve the lives of children with disability by:

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