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Team Dylan

Fundraiser:Team Dylan
Event Date:05/08/2015 9:00:00 AM - 01/07/2016 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target:$15,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised:$18594.97 (AUD)
Team Dylan

Hi, my name is Dylan and I am 14 years old. I have cerebral palsy. This means that I have a brain injury that affects how I control my body. I need help to do things for myself and some things have to be done for me.

I am practising using my motorised wheel chair and gaining more independence and skills everyday.  Everything I do takes time and lots of practice.  I am practising using eye gaze technology and walking in my frame at high school.

I have just walked to our local shop 1.3k in my walking frame.  Now my therapist is going to help me to reach a goal of using a three wheel scooter.

Follow my progess on Facebook at GoDylanGo

To help me achieve my goals you can:-

  • Donate online by clicking the "Make a Donation" button above.

  • Join us at Riverwalk, a 5km walk for brain injury, in August each year at Orleigh Park West End.  See

  • Send this page to all your family and friends.

Any donations of $2 or over are tax deductible.

We thank you all for your love and support of our beautiful son. If you have any enquiries please contact Mark and Louise personally at or Louise on 0423 968 112.

More about Dylan

I can say a clear "yer" and other words at times but sometimes speaking is too hard, so I use lots of different ways of communicating. I spell out words on an alphabet board. I need help to steady my hand to do this. I also use buttons with taped messages. My best way of talking is using a speaking machine and activating it with my eye gaze. I have to stay very still which is tricky for me. I am trialing devices and learning a new system of forming complex language.

I also work really hard with my conductive education therapists and practice sitting and standing and walking. I have had surgery to fix my hips and am now getting back to standing and strengthening and holding myself up. I am very busy and this takes a lot of effort and time but I love getting stronger and being helped to do as much for myself as possible.

I love school and this year I am in year 7 and have become a senior leader. My favourite subjects are painting, playing music, science and reading. Next year I will go to high school and am looking forward to new friends, teachers and studies. Now here's mum----

Dylan our oldest, and much loved son, was born in 2001 and sustained a brain injury which resulted in athetoid cerebral palsy. Our vision for Dylan to be happy, healthy and able to live life to the fullest has carried us all through many changes, much learning and growth; physical, emotional and spiritual. For the past seven years, through sheer determination and love of life, Dylan has attended our local state school and now he is preparing for highschool with the same energy and enthusiasm.

He is a loving, intelligent boy who loves socialising with his friends and family, doing science experiments, playing percussion, going to art classes and the beach, swimming, telling jokes and playing in our back yard with his brother Harry, our dog Biscuit and several chooks.

Riverwalk is the annual fundraising event organised by The Developing Foundation to enable us to fundraise for our own child. Fundraising allows us the flexibility to choose the therapies and equipment that work best for Dylan, promoting inclusion in the able bodied world.

For more information regarding Riverwalk go to


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Sharlene Emanuel21 June 2019$1,840
Anonymous24 May 2019$2,000
Admin8 May 2018$938
Deposit Geary 78 3 May 2018
Kirsty Smith6 June 2017$500
Can't wait to see you on the three wheel scooter Dylan!
Brent Fulcher29 May 2017$350
Admin29 May 2017$6,745
Deposit 00078 Nov 16 - Jan 17
Margaret McQuillan29 August 2016$50
Good luck Dylan.
Patricia Mitchell26 August 2016$20
Well done, Dylan. You look great in the photograph with Therese and Stuart.
Therese Beavis24 August 2016$50
Congratulations - You made it to the end Dylan!!
Admin22 August 2016$1,025
Book 78 Deposit 5 Feb 2016
Jeff Kogler21 August 2016$250
Cathy & Brentyn21 August 2016$100
Leanne Watson19 August 2016$50
Julie Day5 August 2016$30
I'm sure you will continue to improve your mobility Dylan with therapy and patience.
Valerie Stergou30 July 2016$50
Helen Glover30 July 2016$75
Lots of love to you gorgeous Dylan. Look forward to seeing that fab cheeky smile! Lots of love xxx
Ingerid Meagher30 July 2016$50
You are awesome Dylan! Here is to the next step to freedom and independence!!
Cecilia, Fred and Anna27 July 2016$50
Dear Dylan, We are looking forward to the 5km walk and being in your team. Go Dylan !! Anna, Cecilia and Frederic
Anonymous22 October 2015$10
Therese Sundry Donations16 September 2015$10
Mike & Marilyn16 September 2015$20
Therese & Stuart16 September 2015$50
Pam11 September 2015$5
Paula Fitzgerald3 September 2015$100
Hope you reach, or even better exceed, your target Dylan.
Susan Danby31 August 2015$20
Offline28 August 2015$2,250
Offline28 August 2015$1,227
Richard Arthur24 August 2015$10
Congratulations to you and your beautiful family
Suzen Arthur24 August 2015$0
Andrew and Sharon23 August 2015$150
Go Dylan Go!!! Good on you mate! Sorry we couldn't be there to see you today. Hopefully we can catch up again soon. xx
Patricia Mitchell19 August 2015$20
Go, Dylan, go.
Kerryann Walsh18 August 2015$50
Martin and Libbie Spohn17 August 2015$50
Sorry we can't be there to do to walk. Have a great day, hoping the weather is spectacular. Much love from Martin and Libbie Spohn xx
Anne Noonan16 August 2015$50
Janine Reynolds13 August 2015$50
Sharlene Emanuel10 August 2015$50
Very proud of you all.
Mary-Ann Strelow8 August 2015$50
Stay positive Dylan!
Karen Downey7 August 2015$20
Allie Coutts6 August 2015$200
Go Dylan Go!!! (And the whole Geary Household!)
Michelle O'Hara6 August 2015$30
Happy to contribute to such a great cause
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