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Sophie's Squad

Fundraiser: Sophie's Squad
Event Date: 28/08/2016 9:00:00 AM - 01/09/2017 9:00:00 AM
Donation Target: $15,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $15541.00 (AUD)
Sophie's Squad

My name is Sophie. I am five years old and my parents call me their  "little ray of soul shine". I came into this world with many giftspurity, innocence, courage, wonder, curiosity, joy and lessons to teach.  I also came with a little something extraKabuki Syndrome and Asperger's.Like many kids my age, I enjoy being read to, playing in the park, camping, going to my wonderful Montessori kindy, painting, jumping on the trampoline, playing with my train set and cars, spending time with my Nana and Papa, listening to music and dancing along.  Recently I started ballet lessons!  I just love life!

Unlike most other kids my age, I have 12 medical specialists (down from 19!) and four therapists. I work hard to achieve things that come naturally to most children.   I have had more doctors appointments in my few short years than most people will have in a lifetime.  I have had to undergo  surgery, hospitalisations, multiple blood draws, X-rays, hearing tests, EEGs, speech therapy, physiotherapy, horse riding therapy, occupational therapy, social skills therapy and more.  I have low muscle tone, delayed fine and gross motor development, social delays and speech articulation issues.  My therapy and medical needs will be ongoing....this is a marathon, not a sprint.

This year my parents are fundraising for therapy needs, medical expenses, special equipment (such as computer apps and sensory equipment), extra classroom support for when I start "big school" in  January, and expenses associated with special dietary needs and supplements.

Up until now, my Nana and Papa, Mummy and Daddy and Aunties and Uncles have been helping to pay for all of my additional needs.  Finances are getting very tight, and now we find ourselves needing to reach out to our friends and community to help support me on my journey. You can make a real difference to my future by helping to fund the specialised therapy and equipment I need to overcome the barriers of Kabuki Syndrome and Asperger's.

You can share my journey by visiting my Mum's blog about me at, and see the difference that your support will make.

All donations and any support that you can offer are very much appreciated.  Funds are held in a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient account and will only be used for my needs.  Here are some ways that you can help me:

  •     Make a donation online at

  •     Think of a fundraising event we can do, tell us about it, and perhaps even help us to run it!

  •     Send my developing foundation fundraising webpage to your family, friends, workmates or even your Boss.

All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. Corporate sponsorships are also available.  The Developing Foundation commits 90% of our fundraising directly to my expenses. The balance is used by the charity to cover administration and credit card expenses.  All donations are managed by The Developing Foundation and paid directly to my therapists etc, so you can be assured your money will be spent on meeting my needs.

For  more information on helping or if you have any questions for Sophie's Squad please visit or email or phone mummy (Kathy Reed) on 0404 866 098

Warm regards,

Sophie, Kathy Reed (Sophie's Mum) and Frank Egyed (Sophie's Dad)


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

James Robert Flatt 1 July 2020 $352
Hi Sophie - we look forward to hearing you play when we next see you ! Love Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Wayne Petty 30 June 2020 $300
Hi Sophie, I hope that you have had a good year so far and I hope that my small gift helps in some way x
Wayne Petty 5 May 2020 $300
I hope that this small gift helps. With Much Love Wayne
James Robert Flatt 6 April 2020 $352
We really liked the video of you playing, Sophie ! Love Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
James Robert Flatt 6 March 2020 $176
Hi Sophie - how are the piano lessons going ?
James Flatt 5 February 2020 $176
James Robert Flatt 1 January 2020 $160
Hi Sophie - enjoy your music lessons. Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Anonymous 11 December 2019 $90
James Robert Flatt 4 September 2019 $150
Hoo Sophie ! This is an extra happy birthday sort of Aunt Kathy & Uncle Jim
Wayne Petty 30 June 2019 $500
I hope that this small gift helps you on your journey Sophie
Fabiana Baeta 30 June 2019 $185
Reference 010619MBDB
Vee Willson 21 June 2019 $140
Vee Willson 11 April 2019 $30
Wayne Petty 27 March 2019 $500
I hope that this small gift assists you Sophie. Love Wayne
Vee Willson 22 March 2019 $170
James Flatt 10 February 2019 $800
Hi Sophie - Happy New Year - here's for January & February - sorry I'm a little late.
James Robert Flatt 2 November 2018 $800
Hi all! Nov + Dec here. UJ & AK
James Robert Flatt 4 September 2018 $800
Hiya Sophie! What a terrific restaurant you picked for your birthday. It was great catching up with your Mom, Dad, Scott, Uncle, Aunties, and grandparents, too. Jannika says "Guten tag". UJ
James Robert Flatt 4 July 2018 $800
Hi Sophie ! Back to your regular monthly amount, as I understand you are having your hearing tested? 2 months here - maybe your Mum can explain inflation to you ? love Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Wayne Petty 30 June 2018 $500
I hope that this small gift helps Sophie..
J & K Flatt 3 May 2018 $600
Hi Sophie - so sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope to see you soon. Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Wayne Petty 14 March 2018 $500
I hope that this small gift assists you Sophie.
James Flatt 22 February 2018 $600
Hi Sophie. We hear from your Mum that you are starting theater! We love theater and have both been on stage many times. Here's for January - March '18. Love Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Anonymous 6 December 2017 $700
Sophie - we heard about your report card! Good work - we are so proud of you. We're proud of your Mummy, too. She's the one who does the most to help you. Here's our bit for Nov. - Dec. Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Jim Flatt, Naomi Flatt, Matthew Hee, Andrea McCarthy and Kathy Hee 27 September 2017 $700
Hi Sophie ! We miss you guys. Sept. + Oct. enclosed. UJ & AK
Jim Flatt, Naomi Flatt, Matthew Hee, Andrea McCarthy and Kathy Hee 23 August 2017 $350
Hi Sophie ! Well done in your school show as a cuddly koala! We will send you postcards from Europe. We hope to see you before we go, but. Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
donald 9 August 2017 $10
love you sophie and kathfka and ferenc the magnificent ;)
James Flatt 20 July 2017 $700
Hi Sophie - we hope you have a wonderful time on holiday ! Love Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
Wayne Petty 29 June 2017 $500
I hope that my gift helps in some small way.
Anonymous 28 May 2017 $700
Hi Sophie - we are so happy you enjoyed your camp ! Here's for your therapy for April & May. Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
James Flatt 15 March 2017 $350
Hugs - see you for "Peter and the Wolf" Have you guessed what instrument might play the wolf?
James Flatt 3 February 2017 $700
Hi Sophie & Kathy. This is for Jan - Feb J & K
Anonymous 6 January 2017 $150
Andrea Vickers 28 December 2016 $50
Love you guys
Wayne Petty 22 December 2016 $500
Merry Christmas Sophie, Kathy and Frank. I hope that my small gift will help you as you journey into 2017. Love Wayne
Anonymous 16 December 2016 $350
Hi Sophie - we hope you are having a good December. Seeb you at your Mom's on the 24th ! Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy
James Flatt 19 November 2016 $700
Hi Sophie - Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy here - we hear you like the wolf we brought you from Canada. When do you start speech therapy again? Here's our contribution up until & including November @ $175 a month, while you are on a break from that therapy. Well done on winning the Principal's award at school, and keep up the homework! Uncle Jim & Kathy
Jessica 1 November 2016 $100
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