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Love for Saxon

Fundraiser: Love for Saxon
Event Date: 20/07/2015 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2016 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $60,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $70047.35 (AUD)
Love for Saxon

Our son, Saxon, suffered a cardiac arrest following heart surgery at 13 mths old. This left him with an acquired brain injury, reverting back to newborn status on a neurological level.

We, Saxon's family, set up this page to invite people to be a part of our son's recovery and give them the opportunity to follow his progress.

We are dedicated to gaining as much of our son's ability back as possible. We leave no stone unturned in our search for ways to improve our boys life. With a lot of perseverance and love,  he is progressively regaining control of his body.


You can follow his progress on his Facebook page:

Donate towards Saxon's recovery by clicking the 'DONATE NOW' button.

Saxon's Story

I was born in June 2012, went through the usual milestones of ones first year of life, running amok by 12mths and into everything.

I was diagnosed with a CHD which required surgical intervention at the age of 13mths. I protested when mom put me down on the operating table, all the faces around the bed scared me, so I yelled until the general anesthetic kicked in. During recovery I went into cardiac arrest which led to emergency open heart and left me with an aquired brain injury.

The following months were filled with fear, pain, frustration, and confusion having lost control of most of my body. I've had to recoordinate my eyes, learn to swallow, even how to cry again.

The first 9 months were really hard on Mom and Dad and myself. They needed time to find their feet as parents again. I started smiling then laughing and life became much more enjoyable for all of us.
2 years on, my eyesight, hearing and other senses have improved immensely. The hard work we put every day as a family, sees continuous progress in my rehabilitation and development.

I'm a typical 3 year old boy when it comes to demanding attention and pushing the boundaries!! I love music, water and rough play. Even after a brain injury of my calibre, I'm still a mini adrenalin junkie.

Dad quit work and Mom works shift work to allow enough time to do an intensive therapy program we started a year ago. A whole team of therapists and specialists are involved in monitoring my progress and ranges in my hips, feet & other joints. My program means my parents need helpers to perform some of the exercises, we're going to need outside help to do this consistently.

I still need a nasal gastric tube to ensure I have enough food and fluids as my oral intake has not quite caught up yet. On top of my specific nutritional diet, my parents are consulting a dietitian and speech therapist to get me tube free!

My progress over the last year has meant I will now benefit from having a special feeding chair as well as other progressive equipment. I wear  Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO's) to support and maintain my feet and use a standing frame. Also, a special suit which helps maintain my posture. My age means I'm going to constantly grow out of equipment and aids.

As I am a growing boy with an uncertain future, my parents must plan ahead to some extent and my muscle tone means we've already had to buy a bigger car which can later be modified, if necessary.
The brain is such an amazing organ. No doctor would dare tell me how much I can recover because they know with the brain, anything's possible.

To help support me on my journey

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  • Grow our support network by sending this page to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you can think of and invite them to donate.
    Helping our team with practical things and support.

  • All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. The Developing Foundation commits the proceeds of the funds raised to these unmet needs.

If you have a question for our team please call or email, contact details below.

My family and I are forever grateful for every cent and every message of support. It will make worlds of difference to my life.
Thank you.
Saxon, Candy and Mark


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Barbara Rich 10 September 2020 $100
Eddy Bong 7 August 2020 $50
Pei Yang 6 August 2020 $618
Best wishes for your recovery.
QGC Engineering 6 August 2020 $618
Wishing you all the best Saxon.
Andrew Sun 2 August 2020 $80
All the best Saxon!!
Akash Badiani 31 July 2020 $50
Ian Cheong 20 July 2020 $25
Wishing you all the best in your recovery Saxon.
Pei Yang 17 July 2020 $20
Peter 27 September 2019 $50
Karen Fenner 26 September 2019 $25
Well done Steve . On your 100k bike ride for Saxon x
Vinh 22 September 2019 $50
Best wishes for the little boy on the journey to fully recovery.
Simon W-B 18 September 2019 $50
Jacqui 17 September 2019 $60
Matthew Zeuschner 16 September 2019 $50
Declan and Louise Doyle 16 September 2019 $200
Well Done on your 100k Challenge Steve. Saxon will be proud x
Pei Yang 16 September 2019 $20
Hi Steve, Hope Saxon and his family are doing well.
Paul Cook 16 September 2019 $100
Hope Saxon and family are all doing well x
Steve and Margaret Grandparents 12 September 2019 $200
For Steve competing in the Brisbane to Gold Coast cycle ride on behalf of Saxon Go Steve!
Barney family 10 September 2019 $50
Eddy Bong 4 September 2019 $50
Jon Votier 4 September 2019 $50
Good luck with your ongoing rehabilitation Saxon x
John Graham 4 September 2019 $50
Best wishes
Kathy McKee 7 August 2019 $100
All the best to you Saxon
Du 28 February 2019 $50
Olivia 2 November 2017 $400
God Bless you Saxon and your family, all the best xx
Anonymous 26 February 2017 $10,000
Stay strong, Saxon.
STEPHEN PITCHERS 22 February 2017 $1,000
Saxons Great Nana Lilian Robinson's service donations, made by friends and family in Grimsby UK. Go little fella!
Admin 5 December 2016 $13,000
Deposit 81
Miguel Moresco 29 November 2016 $250
Merry Christmas, Saxon!
Chris Matthews 14 October 2016 $200
Virginia 14 October 2016 $250
Assess Orr Pty Ltd 27 September 2016 $2,000
Stuart Brown 27 September 2016 $1,135
Len Duncliffe 25 September 2016 $300
Best of luck
Barbara Rich 14 September 2016 $3,226
Fundraising by Hoxton Park Public School P&C
rene licata 12 September 2016 $500
Keep fighting little buddy, we are here to support you. Rene & Marie.
Anonymous 5 September 2016 $50
Anonymous 1 September 2016 $50
Best wishes for saxon and his great family who will be with him all the time Father of toddler son
Mark 1 September 2016 $300
Best wishes to a brave little man and his family
SNC-Lavalin 29 August 2016 $4,000
Sending our best wishes to Saxon - such a brave little man
Mohammad 29 August 2016 $20
I pray for you, hope you are getting better .
Aaron Applefield 26 August 2016 $100
A little help for a courageous young man.
Anonymous 24 August 2016 $500
Julie Knott 24 August 2016 $50
Thinking of you and your family, and wishing you every success in the future
yildiz yigiter 23 August 2016 $50
i hope he's get better soon lots of love xxx
Bob and Oli Antic 23 August 2016 $2,000
Keep fighting Saxon. All the very very best.
andy 23 August 2016 $200
Bill Nutting 23 August 2016 $100
Declan and Louise Doyle 23 August 2016 $1,000
You are progressing well Saxon. Keep up the good work xx
Phillip Ross 23 August 2016 $200
PHIL KEOGH 23 August 2016 $500
My friend Bob Antic sent me an email and asked me to help . I hope your son gets all the assistance and help he needs in his recovery . I am happy to be part of your fundraising and wish you all the best for the future . Phil
Alex Grant 23 August 2016 $50
Wishing Saxon well and a quick recovery!
Jamie Redshaw 22 August 2016 $700
Good Luck Guys.
Admin 22 August 2016 $210
Book 81 Deposit 8 Aug 2016
Victor Takawira 15 August 2016 $420
Victor Takawira 15 August 2016 $0
Anonymous 12 August 2016 $400
Luke 9 August 2016 $350
God bless you little man... Wishing you & the whole family all the very best for the future!!
Raj Madhavan 9 August 2016 $650
Good Luck
Len Duncliffe 9 August 2016 $200
Best of Luck
Robert Beale 8 August 2016 $200
Genevieve Tang 5 August 2016 $100
All the best to Saxon and his recovery process. I'm so glad to hear that his rehabilitation is going so well!
John Jones 2 August 2016 $100
Robert Beel 23 July 2016 $100
Good luck Saxon, keep plugging away, your a brave little boy
Stephen Pitchers 27 May 2016 $1,000
Tough Mudder donation from the QGC Project and ICG Teams - thanks guys for making a difference.
Anonymous 23 May 2016 $1
Paul Cook 23 May 2016 $1,500
With love and best wishes from the QGC Tough Mudder Team, colleagues, friend and families.
John Teahan 17 May 2016 $100
Congrats Steve..& Julian on completing Tough Mudder!
Stephen Pitchers 15 May 2016 $210
Donation from QGC & WP Engineering, 69 Ann St - thanks everyone who donated!
Stephen 15 May 2016 $100
On behalf of Pei Yang for Tough Mudder - thanks Pei!
Jenny and Doug slatter 12 May 2016 $100
Well done to all the guys and .... Candy for completing your challenge. Saxon will really appreciate the effort you put into helping him!
shunyu wang 10 May 2016 $50
Jon Scullard 10 May 2016 $40
Liz 9 May 2016 $20
Good luck.
Anonymous 9 May 2016 $10
Jenny Danslow 9 May 2016 $20
Julian Shakles 8 May 2016 $150
Steve & Margaret Pitchers 6 May 2016 $200
Best of luck guys from both of us
john davie 6 May 2016 $50
good luck guys
mark hoppenbrouwers 5 May 2016 $100
Sam 5 May 2016 $20
Bobby Day 5 May 2016 $100
Good Luck Boys and all the best of luck to young Saxon! May he too share and take part in this beautiful life we live.
Grant Murrihy 5 May 2016 $50
Good luck gents, try not to injure those old bodies!!
ben coughlin 5 May 2016 $50
Good Luck getting through the obstacles
Victoria Lambert 3 May 2016 $50
megan nash 29 April 2016 $100
Good Luck Tough Mudderers!
Christine Ives 28 April 2016 $20
Go the Ju !
Sarah Dalziel 29 October 2015 $50
Well done Steve, love to you all, such a great cause. Xxx
Ann Hunt 18 October 2015 $60
Great effort
mackenzie 18 October 2015 $50
Well done everyone xxx
14 October 2015 $200
Donation for my son Steve Pitchers 100klm sponsored Bike Ride on Sunday in aid of his nephew Saxons fund. Go Steve and good luck! Nanna & Grandad
Offline 6 October 2015 $670
Offline 24/08/15 6 October 2015 $1,380
Darryl Spies 22 September 2015 $50
Hey Saxon.. You've got a really caring and awesome buncha Family & Friends in ur corner!!"Stay Strong..Keep fighting! Thank you Rochelle & Jenny for granting me the opportunity and privilege of being part of this drive for this beautiful beautiful Soul.
Rich Durkin 8 September 2015 $50
Hi Mark, We met up with Steve a few weeks ago when he was back in UK. He told us about Saxon. We can only imagine how hard it is for you all but it sounds like you are doing a great job. We are thinking about you and hope from the bottom of our hearts that Saxon continues to get better. Keep positive, Rich, Vanessa, Emily, Evelyn and Edward Durkin.
Offline donations 21 August 2015 $14,500
Rachelle Hickson 21 August 2015 $145
With love from Rachelle and her other clients
Offline 24 July 2015 $1,225
Genevieve Tang 23 July 2015 $50
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