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Lincons Wish to Walk

Fundraiser:Lincons Wish to Walk
Event Date:17/07/2018 9:00:00 AM - 31/07/2019 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target:$25,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised:$13378.19 (AUD)
Lincons Wish to Walk

Lincon's dream is simple:  he just wants to walk.

You can help by donating and sharing with family and friends.  Donations are tax deductible and all funds are managed by The Developing Foundation.


While some children dream of becoming an astronaut, a race car driver or a scientist, Lincon's dream is simple: he just wants to walk. For most people we don't give the precious gift of walking a second thought, for it's simply one of many developmental milestones achieved along the path of childhood. For Linky, this was never the case. Although he has received numerous set-backs along the way, Linky's dream of walking still remains the closest thing to his lion heart and superhero spirit.


While Lincon has achieved so much already through sheer determination, there is still one thing he wants more than any material thing on earth: simply just to walk. Thanks to revolutionary mesenchymal stem cell therapy, coupled with Lincon's mental fortitude and physical perserverance, we dare to dream that his biggest wish will finally be realised.

Considered a revolutionary new treatment for cerebral palsy, mesenchymal stem cell treatment has shown to: stimulate the repair of damaged nervous tissue in both the brain and the spinal cord; promote neuronal growth; induce new blood vessel growth, neurogenesis and astroglial activation; encourage synaptic connection and axonal remyelination; decrease programmed cell death; and regulate microglial activation.


After hearing of a podcast with Mel Gibson and Dr Neil Riordan, we discovered aclinic in Panama that is treating children with mesenchymal stem cells with great success. Seeing the incredible progress made by these children, we will stop at nothing to get our precious little boy this much-needed treatment that will change his life and help him realise his dream of one day walking, like one mesenchymal stem cell success story, Colton Mittman.

At the cost of approximately $25kAUD per treatment (excluding flights), we are looking to urgently raise enough money for a couple of rounds of stem cell treatment. 


We welcome you all to follow Lincon's journey via Facebook page, "Wish to Walk for Lincon."


Lincon's Story

Lincon Deane Craig was born on the 12th June 2010 ten weeks premature, when for reasons unknown, his placenta detached. Unfortunately, there was a delay in performing the emergency C-section desperately needed for Lincon's survival. As a result, our precious little man and his mum almost didn't make it. Born with an APGAR score of 1, Lincon was resuscitated and four hours later, airlifted from the Central Coast hospital to the John Hunter Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where he was to remain for the next three weeks, before spending another five weeks back at the Central Coast hospital. To have to experience seeing your precious, beautiful, perfect child in a fight for their life in the NICU is something words cannot express, nor is it anything you would ever want any parent to ever know. Too many beautiful little babies never got the chance to know life outside that unit, but by the grace of God for our little warrior, this was just the start of his story. In what I would soon come to learn would be the case with all challenges faced by Lincon, he progressed with remarkable speed, putting him back home before his original birth due date. 

Over the following 10-months, Lincon struggled to gain weight at an acceptable rate or hit any of the other age-appropriate milestones we had experienced with Lincon's brother Elliott, who was born 15-months earlier. Our increasing concerns were being dismissed as delays due to his premature birth until one day we were delivered life-shattering news: Lincon had been diagnosed with quadraplegic dystonic cerebral palsy with a Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) category 5.


After consultation with his therapists from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we were told Lincon would likely be fed through a tube- that ran through his nose into his stomach- for the rest of his life; he would not develop use of his limbs in any functional way, meaning he would be confined to a wheelchair with the need for a carer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; he would not be able to talk or effectively communicate; and to expect a long list of many serious health complications and issues arising from the brain injury sustained during his traumatic birth. Although we could understand and accept the reality of Lincon's future being laid out before us, we couldn't let go of the feeling of hope in our hearts that he would one day be able to enjoy life beyond the confines of his initial prognosis. We mentally prepared for the worst but hoped for the best for Linky, whatever that was going to be. 


Fast forward and we have Lincon today, a 8 year-old boy with a wicked sense of humour, an almost unhealthy love of anything with wheels or a motor, and an insatiably inquisitive mind that is only surpassed by his determination to achieve anything to which he sets his mind. Although it has happened in a much more extended time frame, Linky has achieved so many major milestones we were told he wouldn't. From talking your ear off, to messily feeding himself whenever possible, to playing car games "all by himself" on his iPad, to playing independently with his siblings, friends at mainstream primary school which he attends with his older brother Elliott.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for helping our little legend, and hope we can pay this kindness and generosity forward to other families in need.



Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Anton Tang23 October 2020$100
You got this Lincon! Love from Grandpop
Lesley & Andrew6 July 2020$960
Anton Tang9 May 2020$100
Always thinking of you Lincon.Love from Grandpop
Anton Tang6 January 2020$100
Always wishing you well Lincon.Love from Grandpop
Anton Tang3 September 2019$100
Thinking of you Lincon, and wishing you well.Love from Grandpop
Pat Richards26 July 2019$10
Wishing you well in your endevours Lincon. Love Pat Richards
Mitchell Perks17 July 2019$750
Wish to Walk Charity Golf Day (Bronze Sponsorship)
Anton Tang7 July 2019$100
Always wishing you well. Love from GrandPop
Leigh Haskell20 June 2019$200
Good luck all the best
Anonymous19 June 2019$110
Charity Golf Day: Patrick Dorahy - As per conversation with Joel Mant, a 5th Player will be added to OTF Steel Fabrication's team.
Anton Tang11 April 2019$200
Wishing you all the very best in life.Grandpop
NATHAN CRAIG5 April 2019$2,297
Nathan Craig5 April 2019$1,348
BRENDON5 April 2019$150
Robbie Jacobsen & Clint Guyatt27 March 2019$2,000
OTF Steel Fabrication would like to help Lincoln's wish to walk by selecting the Gold Package with the donation of $2000.00. OTF hope this donation helps achieve his dream and wish nothing but the best for Lincoln and his family.
Admin29 January 2019$4,146
Anonymous14 January 2019$707
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