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Aedans Crusade

Fundraiser: Aedans Crusade
Event Date: 17/11/2017 4:00:00 PM - 17/11/2018 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $10,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $8880.00 (AUD)
Aedans Crusade


My name is Aedan, and I like to think I am Batman. Right from birth I have had a few extra barriers in life, but I'm getting there and for the last 9 years I've been constantly proving doctors wrong. I have Cerebral Palsy, Visually impaired, Autism, Epilepsy and I am classified as a quadriplegic. But none of this defines who I am or who I want to be.

2017 has seen my family complete all household modifications to our home, we have achieved our dream of a completely Aedan friendly and accessible home. Our next goal as we move to 2018, is to continue my physical development and due to constant growth, replace my running chair.

Follow our family shenanigans of family fun, lots of running and love of life. CP really has not limits!!!

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram
Aedan's Crusade
#AedansCrusade #iambatman

You can join in the fun, and receive lots of big smiles. Contact mum and dad at to find out how.

My Story

Here's a little story, about a little battler. His name is Aedan, he is 9 years old and he cannot stand without assistance, and he cannot walk without aids. But just because he can't now doesn't mean he won't. We are working hard to help make that happen for his overall health & physical wellness.

Aedan has cerebral palsy, he has low vision and he has an intellectual impairment. He spent most of his life in and out of hospital. Aedan also has a huge personality, a love for life, but it can be a little bit cheeky. Spend a little time with him and he will make you fall in love with him.

He has a sister who is only 8 months older than him, who he loves more than anyone else. And like all brothers, he enjoys nothing more than getting into mischief with her.

Aedan's Crusade was started to help us fund the gaps in Aedan's therapy & equipment needs. We fundraise to give him every opportunity that he deserves. This is why we wear our hearts on our sleeve, and have become the crazy family in blue.

My Goals and Needs

My goal is to be independent, keep moving and getting the most of live.  I love to swim, play the violin and go horse riding.

Regular hydrotherapy and horse riding helps keep my hips in alignment and reduces the risk of hip displacement, something I have already had surgical intervention for.  We've managed to avoid surgery for 2 years and now I need to keep moving so as not to waste that opportunity.

My favourite activity is running with my dad.  He has pushed me in two marathons and our dream is to keep running and even try our hand at triathlons.  The fresh air makes me smile and my smile is contagious with everyone we meet.  I love being ut in the thick of things encouraging and inspiring others to have a go.

How you can help

Your donations will allow Aedans dream of walking and competing in future marathons a reality. Every donation of $2 or more is tax deductible. Please share our story, follow us on Facebook and fall in love with an amazing little boy.

Thank you for your continued support
Donna, Cameron, Arianna & Aedan

Email us at

You can follow my progress and my families shenanigans by 'following' my Facebook page

Find me on Instagram at #AedansCrusade #iambatman

Please share this fundraising page with friends and family.


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Carol Catterson 3 July 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 3 June 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 1 May 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 2 April 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 3 March 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 4 February 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 1 January 2020 $40
Carol Catterson 22 December 2019 $300
Merry Christmas from our family to yours
Carol Catterson 5 December 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 2 November 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 3 October 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 3 September 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 1 August 2019 $40
Admin 18 July 2019 $7
Balance of 18/19 donations
Sharon 16 July 2019 $10
It's only a little something but I hope it helps in some way :-)
Carol Catterson 1 July 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 2 June 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 1 May 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 1 April 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 1 March 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 6 February 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 3 January 2019 $40
Carol Catterson 24 December 2018 $400
Merry Xmas from Terry & Elaine, Sharon, Michelle & Dean, Jim & Carol,Leanne & David, Linda & Allen,John & Carolyn and families.
Carol Catterson 4 December 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 5 November 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 1 October 2018 $40
Lisa Brown 20 September 2018 $50
All the best guys!! You are amazing
Admin 12 September 2018 $700
Deposit 000077 11 September 18
Carol Catterson 1 September 2018 $40
The Bryers family 31 August 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 2 August 2018 $40
Mandy Newman 11 July 2018 $5
Carol Catterson 3 July 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 2 June 2018 $40
Hogan 2 June 2018 $50
In memory of one your greatest supporters. Our love and thoughts are with you all, the Hogan family.
Mike and Judy Kelly 1 June 2018 $200
Batman, you are our little hero X0X0
Anonymous 28 May 2018 $100
This donation is in memory of one of Aeden's biggest supporters who we will never forget ❤️
Alex pearson 27 May 2018 $50
Mel Mckinlay 26 May 2018 $30
Good luck x
Jeanette Grigoris 16 May 2018 $50
Narelle Morris 12 May 2018 $100
Alex Thomson 10 May 2018 $100
Keep up the amazing work, little man, I look forward to meeting you one day...
Dee and Jason Dutton 7 May 2018 $250
We can't wait to see Aedan in his new chair. Hope this helps a little. xxx
Admin 1 May 2018 $50
Deposit Harris 77 30 April 2018
Carol Catterson 1 May 2018 $40
Admin 2 April 2018 $1,218
Deposit Harris 77 29 March 2018
Carol Catterson 1 April 2018 $40
Admin 29 March 2018 $525
Deposit Harris 77 27 March 2018
Admin 18 March 2018 $1,300
Deposit Harris 77 15 March 2018
Carol Catterson 12 March 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 1 February 2018 $40
Dorota 22 January 2018 $15
All the best superheroes
Carol Catterson 2 January 2018 $40
Carol Catterson 14 December 2017 $500
Merry Xmas from Terry & Elaine, Sharon & Noel, Michelle & Dean, Jim & Carol, Micheal & Julie, Leanne & David, Linda & Allen, Kate, Wayne, John & Carolyn and families.
Carol Catterson 1 December 2017 $40
Robert Hopkinson 1 December 2017 $1,500
Donations 23-24 October 2017
Tanika 26 November 2017 $50
Hi Cam, hopefully everything is going well on your end! So proud of how far you've come yourself and as a family. Good luck for the future, keep it up!
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