Brain Injury Fact

Traumatic Brain injury is the most frequent cause of death and disability world wide.

What is Charity Events?

  • Charity Events is a website where people can find, support and register for charity events, seminars, classes, etc.
  • Charity Events provides online donation and event management tools and access to subscribers who like to support a local cause.
  • Charity Events is an initiative of The Developing Foundation Inc., a registered charity, which was established in 1978.

What is online event management?

  • Online event management is a new and easy way for charities, not for profits and approved fundraisers to manage their events and collect donations. 
  • Registration fees are paid online via credit card or offline as specified by you.
  • Charity Events collects the event registration fees and the donations and pays them directly into your bank account.
  • Database marketing tools offer personalized, automated marketing campaigns using email, SMS and surveys tools.
  • Reporting tools will provide you with important statistical information about your campaign and full accounting of your event.

What's so good about online event and donation management?

  • Online registration and payment system means there is no need for fundraisers and volunteers to handle cash - all money is collected and paid directly to you.
  • Event attendees can email or print their registration invoice which is issued automatically.
  • Once your campaign is designed and set up, the marketing of your campaign is hassle-free.
  • Your supporters can make an online donation to help your cause.
  • You will join a network of charitable organisations and fundraisers thereby increasing your reach to potential attendees and donors for your events.
  • Charity Events website is fully hosted and supported by The Developing Foundation.

What does it cost?

  • Free membership
  • No ongoing monthly or annual subscription fees
  • 10% service fee + GST

How do I become involved?

  • It's simple - just provide all your event details by completing our Event Listing Registration Form on the List Your Event menu and agree to our Terms and Conditions.    We will upload your event listing with these details and email you when your event listing is ready to view and promote.
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