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Team Phil

Fundraiser: Team Phil
Event Date: 19/12/2018 9:00:00 AM - 28/02/2019 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $27,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $27795.00 (AUD)
Team Phil

Help Phil access vital, life changing surgery.

My vision is to also document my journey every step of the way to raise awareness and put forward a compelling case for orthopaedic surgeons in Australia to learn SPML so that it is a financially viable option for every Australian with Cerebral Palsy. 

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Dear family, friends and internet community - my name is Phil and I am 33 years of age. I live and work in Brisbane, I am a social man who values people, and I try to maintain an active lifestyle. I have a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, which I have had since birth. This for me means, I have spasticity in my upper and lower body (predominantly lower) which causes muscle tightness that interferes with my movement and walking pattern.

My Story

Throughout my life I have been blessed with phenomenal love and support from family, friends and health professionals. This loving support, firstly and continuously shown through the hard work and dedication of my parents, has enabled me to do things which I was never expected to do, such as walking independently.

During my childhood and adult years, I have had several surgical interventions, constant physiotherapy, assistive technologies and medications to help manage my spasticity. While these have been helpful for a time, I have had limited success in achieving lasting improvements.

My Goals and Needs

About 12 months ago I was informed of a surgery called Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML), which refers to a minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of the spasticity and tight tendons that are found in people with cerebral palsy. The SPML procedure involves making small incisions into the myofascia, releasing tight bands of where muscle and tendon overlap. When the myofascia is cut, the muscle under it can easily stretch and lengthen. Lengthening the muscle-tendon unit decreases the triggering of spasticity in that area.  The positive effects of this surgery would be lifelong for me, and they represent an opportunity to stay active throughout my adult life.

Unfortunately, there are no specialists that have learnt this surgery in Australia, even though it has been taking place in the US for 30 years. I have a great opportunity to fly to Texas on the 1st of March 2019, and have this surgery performed by one of the worlds most experienced in the field, Dr Yngve. The total cost of accessing this surgery is anticipated to be $27,000 AUD  This includes lengthening of tendons in my hip, adductors, quads, hamstrings and calves, as well as a peripheral nerve block to reduce spasticity. There is nothing else like this that would allow me to have such a full body overhaul, which will reduce interference, so I will be able to build strength and begin to move like I cannot do now. I have had my hamstrings lengthened three times with methods used in Australia, and this means I am unable to have it done again.

Unfortunately, at this stage in our lives, my wife and I do not have the money to fund this surgery independently, so we are reaching out for help.

Within my current job I have the opportunity to meet with people like myself, young and old, who would benefit from SPML. When performed in children, the permanent reduction of spasticity brought about by the SPML procedure can allow their bodies to grow with decreased strains of spasticity on the muscles and bones, and therefore avoiding lifelong deformities.

My vision is to document my journey every step of the way to raise awareness and put forward a compelling case for orthopaedic surgeons in Australia to learn the procedure, and ultimately see SPML as a financially viable option for every Australian with Cerebral Palsy.  As I begin to record my progress, I will keep my donors up to date via a blog which will be posted on this site in the coming weeks.

I know SPML would have never been an option for me without my physio Melissa Locke having the tenacity to stay on top of her field, and I would like to see everyone for whom it is helpful have the opportunity to pursue this surgery.

A friend of mine, Brie, had SPML performed by Dr Yngve in Texas on the 23rd of March 2018.  Click here to read Brie's story. Since posting her story on the 1st of July 2018, Brie has achieved close to all her future goals.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and tax deductable, thanks to the wonderful people at the Developing Foundation. As I begin to record my progress, I will keep those who would like to stay informed up to date.

If anyone would like to partner with me in my cause, you can link in via EverydayHero. If this is you, let me know and I will get in contact with you.

Thank you so much for all your support.



Mobile 0438681744


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Paul 12 March 2019 $100
So great to hear that things are going well for you Phil. Here's hoping for more awesome progress mate.
Pete & Cla 28 February 2019 $250
Sorry this is so late! Couldn't be happier to see you doing this mate, all the best for the surgery and a smooth recovery. P&C
John and Heather Stanton 28 February 2019 $50
Good Luck Phil! Hope all goes well
Josh Greaves 26 February 2019 $50
All the best mate.
Justin and Clint Graham 26 February 2019 $50
Good luck Phil - hope it goes well for you!
Luke and Emily 26 February 2019 $50
All the best buddy! Exciting stuff. See you when you get back
Kevin Chee 25 February 2019 $200
We are friends of Daniek Reik's. Wishing you every success for your operation.
Scott, Ellen, Charlotte & Annie 25 February 2019 $250
All the best!
Kathryn Cumner 25 February 2019 $50
Hope it all goes well Phil xx
Anonymous 23 February 2019 $20
Best wishes, Phil, and safe travels x
Morag& Perry Muckert 23 February 2019 $100
Good luck Phil and hope this will make a very positive difference to your life.
Shona Muckert 23 February 2019 $100
Good luck with it Phil, I was lucky enough to achieve my goal thanks to the wonderful support of the Murgon Community! You deserve to also.
Anonymous 23 February 2019 $200
Keep being nice to people
Diane and David Pain 22 February 2019 $50
Good Luck Phil. Will look forward to reading about your journey.
Keshena and Justin Cooke 22 February 2019 $50
Best of luck Phil!
Anonymous 22 February 2019 $100
Hope all goes well.
Dan and Helen Hobday 22 February 2019 $50
Wishing you all the best. You deserve a life with no boundaries Phil. Much Love The Hobday's
Maureen & Glenn Mitchell 22 February 2019 $100
All the best Phil
Kath Gleich 22 February 2019 $50
Good luck, Phil.
Renae Bradbury 22 February 2019 $100
Kiyl and Rochelle Paulos 22 February 2019 $50
All the best Phil. Praying it all goes smoothly for you. Sending love and prayers your way.
Lyndon Brunjes 22 February 2019 $25
Paul and Wanita 22 February 2019 $200
Paul and Wanita 22 February 2019 $100
Shauna Jones 22 February 2019 $50
All the best Phil. Hope it all goes well
Jo Shanahan 22 February 2019 $50
Suchoronczak Family 22 February 2019 $100
Good luck Phil and Maddie. We are all thinking of you
Sarah 22 February 2019 $50
This is awesome!! All the very best on your Journey Phil, you deserve this, I hope it all goes well for you, take care
Gary and Nikki Grigg 22 February 2019 $50
Wise Phil you hold a special place in our hearts. Knowing you has made our lives as teachers richer. May this be the answer to all your prayers. All the best. ❤️
Vaughn, Polly, Hugo & Ziggy 22 February 2019 $50
Grab a few beers for yourself during recovery mate! Good luck with it all and hopefully a bit of awareness about the procedure might bring the training to Australia!
Anonymous 22 February 2019 $100
We will be praying for you Jackson! Big love and safe travels.
Anonymous 22 February 2019 $20
Good luck
Anonymous 21 February 2019 $20
Steve & Kate 21 February 2019 $250
You got this Team Phil
John and Lyn Baird 18 February 2019 $500
Hope this surgery is a great success. You deserve the very best that life can give you.
Anonymous 18 February 2019 $30
Lindsay and Jenny 14 February 2019 $500
All the best. Blessings.
Bob and Pauline Guthrie 13 February 2019 $100
Blessings and good wishes on your journey and for your surgery
Faith and Kris Luque 6 February 2019 $300
We are so excited for you to get this surgery Phil! Hope it's going to be a wonderful experience. Love Faith and Kris
Jeannine Jeffery 6 February 2019 $100
Good luck with it all mate! You're a champ!
Jill St John 6 February 2019 $50
God bless you Phil and Madeline in this trip. I Will be praying for you.
Suzi and Marty 6 February 2019 $400
Go Team Phil!!
Caroline Kettle 6 February 2019 $50
Cissy & George 5 February 2019 $30
Greg Newman 5 February 2019 $200
Your a top bloke Phil. You deserve this mate. Best of luck on your journey
Ryan Valks 4 February 2019 $400
Phil, You're an absolute legend mate and I hope that this surgery is everything and more that you and Maddy could wish for. Really looking forward to seeing the results and catching up with you both on your return back to Aus. Cheers mate. Love yas both. Ryan (Angry) & Marnie.
Martin and sonia gregory 3 February 2019 $180
Such great friends heading of for a huge journey for a life changing future, we wish you all the best for your travels, surgery and recovery!! Think positive and keep your head up high, we admire your bravery Phil and are glad mads is beside you for he best support throughout your journey!! Loads of love and always xx
Sam 2 February 2019 $100
So looking forward to watching your journey and praying that it all runs smoothly!!
Chantrill 2 February 2019 $1,000
Our prayers with you and look forward to hearing your success. Miri and Trish
Susan Hatchett 31 January 2019 $20
Praying for you Phil!
Todd Ellem 29 January 2019 $400
Anonymous 29 January 2019 $3,000
Carol MacArthur 28 January 2019 $100
You deserve the best Phil & I wishes you every blessing for a beneficial & successful surgery & re-habilitation process. All the best,Cx
Anonymous 28 January 2019 $3,000
Corrie Family 27 January 2019 $50
Andrew Kerr 27 January 2019 $100
Anonymous 26 January 2019 $3,500
Andrew G 22 January 2019 $50
Good luck Phil. No more deserving a person. Andrew Jess Archer Finn
Pauline & Luke Portier 20 January 2019 $200
All the very best, Phil
Nyssa 19 January 2019 $100
Tony O'Dempsey 16 January 2019 $250
Love from Tony and Priska
Janelle&Rob White 15 January 2019 $150
Good luck, good health & happiness.
James Picton-Warlow 10 January 2019 $50
Dave Power 10 January 2019 $50
All the best for the op Phil
Brie Keith 9 January 2019 $500
So excited for you Phil! Hope this helps you on your journey!
Mike and Jenni Keith 8 January 2019 $1,000
Praying all goes well
Joshua Bowd 8 January 2019 $100
Cheers Phil. Let's get some more Mario Kart 8 online in soon
Nicky Grice 6 January 2019 $100
Best of luck Phil! Sending love and positive vibes your way!
Joel Campbell 5 January 2019 $50
You rock Bro!! Go hard and God bless ya's on your journey
Matthew 1 January 2019 $1,000
Rex and Nads 31 December 2018 $100
Get it Jackson!
Lynne Bowd 31 December 2018 $200
Hi Phil Hoping and praying that this surgery can take place and will be successful Aunty Lynne
Dale and Liana 30 December 2018 $500
To one of my best mates and one of the best blokes I've ever known.
Chantelle 26 December 2018 $100
Steven Slickgarl 26 December 2018 $50
Daniel Bosci 26 December 2018 $100
All the best Phil !
Kempy & Kate 26 December 2018 $300
Sounds great, mate. Kempy & Kate x
Tash Wallace 26 December 2018 $100
More than happy to support you Phil, you're a legend! Tash x
Julia Nixon 26 December 2018 $50
Best wishes Phil. A great community was built at Mt Gravatt campus all those years ago. ❤️✌
Jason Timm 25 December 2018 $330
Anonymous 24 December 2018 $200
Love you Phillis. Hoooold!
Cam & Jade 22 December 2018 $100
All the best buddy. Love Cam and Jade
Matt 22 December 2018 $50
Lauren Boyle 21 December 2018 $50
Tania 21 December 2018 $100
phill you are one of the sweetest men I have ever meet u are a legend Tania
Angela Clarke 21 December 2018 $500
Bob & Rob 21 December 2018 $1,000
Love you Phil & Maddie
Daniel 21 December 2018 $1,000
Glenys Woolcock 20 December 2018 $1,000
You're one on a million Phil, love you and love you wife ...
Pauline Blaney 20 December 2018 $50
Good luck
Sally B 20 December 2018 $50
Dearest Phil You are such a kind, beautiful soul and I wish you all the best in this journey. Love Sal
Penelope Hannah 20 December 2018 $200
Annie Deakin 20 December 2018 $50
Exciting news Phil support you all the way.
J Nunn 20 December 2018 $100
Wishing you all the very best Phil and so happy to see you married. Good luck.
Mick St Clair 20 December 2018 $20
All the best buddy! Love Mick and Carly xo
Stacey Roon 20 December 2018 $30
Barbara Goodwin 20 December 2018 $50
Best wishes x Phoebe, Darcy, Barbara and Thomas
Peter & Ann-Marie Koning 20 December 2018 $500
To get this wonderful venture started...
Alex & Jess 20 December 2018 $20
Go get it buddy!
Russell Brigg 20 December 2018 $50
Good luck Buddy
Ang and Mick Watson 20 December 2018 $50
Good luck Phil! Ang, Mick, Thea and Digby x
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