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Team Jakob

Fundraiser: Team Jakob
Event Date: 01/04/2014 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2015 9:00:00 AM
Donation Target: $14,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $12214.45 (AUD)
Team Jakob

When I grow up, I want to dance and sing on stage in front of everyone.

Hi, my name is Jakob, I am 4 years old and I have cerebal palsy. I love music and when I grow up I want to be able to dance and sing on stage, in front of everyone. Right now, we are fundraising towards an accessible vehicle, to be able to travel seated in my very first wheelchair. My second love is swimming, and my mum and dad would like to be able to take me to weekly hydrotherapy sessions. They know I work harder at my therapy when I am enjoying myself.

Jakob’s Story

Jakob has a congenital brain injury which occurred at 20 weeks into the pregnancy. It began like any other pregnancy, with the 12 week ultrasound revealing that we were having twins. Jakob’s father and I both reacted the same way - Wow, that’s a bit of a shock, but hey it could definitely be worse? We didn’t know at the time how ironic those words would become.

Our 20 week ultrasound revealed some devastating news, a heartbeat could not be found on one of the twins. Various tests and discussions led our doctors to conclude that a “cold like” virus I contracted at 13 weeks had affected the pregnancy. An MRI scan of Jakob’s brain, done at 29 weeks pregnant, showed that he had a major brain haemorrhage around the 20 week stage. We were told he would be born with multiple disabilities if Jakob survived the process of his own birth.

Jakob not only survived, but shocked all the experts, requiring no oxygen at birth and coming home with us three days later.

Over the last four years, Jakob’s journey has not been an easy one. He has also been diagnosed over this time with epilepsy, vision impairment in both eyes, asthma, sleeping problems and difficulty regulating his own body temperature.

Despite all of the issues Jakob faces on a daily basis, nothing dampens his ‘fighter’ personality. He is a bright and bubbly child, and likes all the boy things - dinosaurs, pirates, animals and dirt! Jakob has a zest for life that is like nothing we have ever encountered.


  • Sponsor Team Jakob for the annual Riverwalk Event by pressing the “donate now” button on his webpage and receive an automatic tax deductible receipt. You can read about the event at and we’ll update you through Jakob’s Facebook Page.
  • Help us raise sponsorship for Team Jakob’s participation at the Annual Brisbane Riverwalk event by collecting donations on our behalf using pre-printed receipts supplied by The Developing Foundation Inc.
  • Send this page to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you can think of and ask them to donate.
  • Come to Riverwalk to support Team Jakob.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. The Developing Foundation commits 90% of funds raised by or donated to our team, to meet Jakob’s unmet needs. The remaining 10% is used by the charity to cover credit card charges, administration and support.

For more information on helping or if you have any questions for Team Jakob please email or phone Cassie on 0402243429.

Thank you so much for your support.

Team Jakob


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Offline 21 August 2015 $300
23 May 2014 $234
Anonymous 13 April 2014 $11,680
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