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Team Harrod

Fundraiser: Team Harrod
Event Date: 05/06/2015 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2017 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $30,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $20773.05 (AUD)
Team Harrod

Lochlain desperately needs a wheelchair ACCESSIBLE Modified Vehicle.  Help him live an ordinary life.

Hi my name is Lochlain. I am 15 years old, I live in Ipswich and I have cerebral palsy.

Thankfully my family believed that I could live an ordinary life and I began my journey into personal independence.  You can check out my Facebook page here.


I can use a walker with support and assistance. My speech is quite clear. I am in grade 9 at High school and I also go to a special school as well. I love hanging out with my family and friends, going to shows, watching u-tube, DVD's, Scottish pipes and drums and playing slot cars.

My family, friends and other people that know me are very proud and encourage me to do my very best in everything I do. I enjoy other peoples company. I need assistance in most everyday activities and rely on my wheelchair to get around, however I have a very full and enjoyable life. Doing things can take me longer, but I always try my best.

Team Harrod raises money for things that can make my life easier. We do this by holding events, fundraising at the Annual Riverwalk, collecting donations and finding sponsorship.   You can check out our events here

This year we are in desperate need of a wheelchair ACCESSIBLE Modified Vehicle, so that I can get out and about in my power chair.  At the moment I am only able to use it at home so I don't have the benefit of using it at school OR TAKING IT INTO THE COMMUNITY. This means I have to take my manual chair on outings and rely on others to help push me.

I also need Therapy to keep my body active and to improve muscle tone and independence, also some Medical expenses and a few other things that I need. I have had 7 operations on my hips, legs, muscles and botox.

All donations and any support that you can offer are very much appreciated.  Here are some ways that you can help me:

Make a donation online at {Click the "Make a Donation" button above Lochlain's photo or under the funds thermometer}
Think of a fundraising event we can do.

Send Lochlain's webpage to your family, friends or even your Boss.

Come to Riverwalk held in August each year, support Team Harrod and wear a yellow shirt. See details and register at

All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. The Developing Foundation commits 90% of all funds raised directly to Lochlain's expenses. The balance is used by the charity to cover administration and credit card expenses.

For  more information email or phone Jill Harrod on 07-32880038 or 0405481880.

thank you everyone for your support and generosity.
God bless you all.


Team Harrod


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Admin 15 August 2019 $458
Offline donation
Admin 21 June 2019 $386
Book 71
Admin 21 December 2018 $486
Deposit 000071 17 December 18
Rebecca Quick 23 October 2018 $155
Hi, On behalf of the GB's we'd like to donate this money to you that was made at the Gig to Give. We wish you all the best. KKR Entertainment
Admin 29 May 2018 $210
Deposit 000071 28 May 18
Admin 4 October 2017 $374
Deposit 000071 28 September 17
Ipswich City Council 25 September 2017 $1,000
Deposit ICC 20 September 17
Admin 25 September 2017 $275
Deposit 000071 18 September 17
Admin 25 September 2017 $664
Deposit 000071 11 September 17
Admin 1 September 2017 $396
Deposit 000071 31 August 17
Admin 25 August 2017 $289
Deposit 000071 22 August 17
Admin 25 August 2017 $318
Deposit 000071 21 August 17
Admin 25 August 2017 $366
Deposit 3 July 17
Admin 25 August 2017 $195
Deposit 000071 12 June 17
Admin 31 May 2017 $309
Deposit 000071 30 May 17
Admin 10 October 2016 $1,991
Book 71 Deposits
Admin 10 October 2016 $1,250
ICC 310816
Admin 22 August 2016 $6,548
Book 71 Deposits Feb-Aug 2016
4 February 2016 $302
Offline 4 February 2016 $481
Offline 4 February 2016 $339
Offline 14 December 2015 $543
Offline 14 December 2015 $415
Offline 23 November 2015 $214
Offline 23 November 2015 $630
Offline donations & Events 6 October 2015 $252
Offline 29 September 2015 $189
Offline 28 August 2015 $210
Offline 21 August 2015 $228
Offline 21 August 2015 $137
Offline 21 August 2015 $135
Offline 24 July 2015 $272
Offline 24 July 2015 $381
Offline donation 5 June 2015 $375
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