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Team Gabby

Fundraiser: Team Gabby
Event Date: 10/04/2014 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2015 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $30,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $18050.00 (AUD)
Team Gabby

My name is Gabriela, please call me Gabby. I am 7 years old. I have cerebral palsy (CP). My family are Dad (Kevin) and Mum (Johanna), and my little sister Sofia (aged 3).

VISION: My family's vision is, God willing, for me to enjoy an independent and fulfilled life. This means for me to re-learn to walk, communicate, see, eat and play with my sister and same age friends.  I've been making good progress towards this vision over the last 3 years.

I have a cerebral palsy, an acquired severe global brain injury. It was caused by a virus which gave me many seizures one of them lasting 4 days. This happened in December 2009 when I was 3 and a half. This event has changed my life forever. It left me unable to walk, talk, see and eat (I'm tube fed). After coming out of the coma, I began my journey of recovery.

I'm 7 years old now and making progress on the journey towards that vision. In the last year I've gained much better trunk control and am doing lots of tasting of yummy things.  I eat up to three quarters of a banana and love chocolate.  I receive my main nutrition via a button directly in my tummy.  I'm also communicating more - it's one of my main focuses this year.  I'm doing prompt method at speech therapy and have occasionally made sounds like mama and daddy.  I can make choices through eye gaze right when facilitated.  I still blink for "yes" and look away for "no" and can nod now.

Follow me on Facebook for updates, photos and videos of my progress. Some updates will also be posted to my site

To continue my recovery I need extensive and continual therapy. The therapy is working slowly but surely. I am happy for my achievements, even if they may seem small, they are big to me. The road ahead is long.

Conductive Education is the main therapy I receive. It teaches me to move my arms and legs. It also teaches me better head control and supported standing, sitting and movement. The more I do these exercises the more control I will gain and my vision will also improve as my brain relearns. Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Music therapy provide stimulation and assist with communication and oral stimulation and movement. There are other therapies that will also assist my recovery.

NDIS (aka DisabilityCare) won't even start to gradually be introduced in the state of Queensland until 2016 and will only be fully implemented in 2019.  It's still a long way off and the void between now and then remains.  There are many unmet needs. There are also other significant related expenses such as doctors bills and specialised equipment.


  • Pray for me.

  • Donate to help with the unmet needs. Click on the "Donate now" button under the picture of Gabby. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia. Please give generously to help Gabriela have the chance she needs in life. Funds raised will be used to continue Gabriela's ongoing treatment, therapies and equipment. The Developing Foundation commits 90% of funds raised by or donated to our team, to these unmet needs. The remaining 10% is used by the charity to cover credit card charges, administration and other support.

  • Sharing the story: Sending this page to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you can think of and asking them to donate

  • Visiting "Gabriela Caldwell's Support Page" on Facebook and clicking "Like"

  • Offering help to my mum with practical things and support

  • Help us raise sponsorship for Team Gabby at the Annual Brisbane Riverwalk event on Sunday 23 August 2015.

  • Think of a fundraising event we can do.

Contact my mum, Johanna, at for more information.


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Grahame Caldwell 6 June 2018 $1,000
Go Gabby
Grahame Caldwell 5 June 2018 $1,000
Go Gabby!
Grahame Caldwell 15 June 2017 $2,000
Go Gabby
Grahame Caldwell 2 May 2017 $2,000
Go Gabby!
15 January 2016 $300
Wishing you all the best!
Anonymous 25 August 2015 $50
Anonymous 20 July 2015 $200
Go Gabby!!!
Anonymous 22 December 2014 $258
Merry Christmas Gabby!
Peter Caldwell 13 November 2014 $2,000
Go, Gabby, go.
Venjie Diola 13 November 2014 $200
We certainly wish/pray for your quick recovery Gabby -- Love, Venjie, Aimee, Raphael & Elijah
Brett Harradine 12 November 2014 $20
hi guys. Long time no see, but anyway, hope you achieve something out of this venture. Best regards, Raquel, Brett and family.
Anonymous 12 November 2014 $0
Anonymous 12 November 2014 $50
Anonymous 10 November 2014 $50
Michelle Howson 4 November 2014 $200
Best wishes Gabby and hope you get your chance at the intensive speech therapy block. Love Michelle, Jon & Ryland Howson xx
Rodolfo Lovos 3 October 2014 $100
Go Gaby Go!!!!
Sandra 3 October 2014 $300
Keep on trucking, Gabby! You're stronger than you know!
Tatiana 3 October 2014 $100
Happy 40th Birthday Kevin. Love, Tatiana xo
Offline donations 1 October 2014 $200
Offline 12 September 2014 $100
Michelle & Jon Howson 11 September 2014 $200
Reach for the stars Gabby! :)
Steve Taylor 9 September 2014 $50
Steve taylor from jamies italian susanna's city to surf
rhonda bannister 8 September 2014 $300
Anonymous 5 September 2014 $200
God bless you Gabby!
Peter Caldwell 1 September 2014 $1,000
Tatiana Lovos 30 August 2014 $100
Love you xox
Anonymous 29 August 2014 $20
Anonymous 28 August 2014 $50
Be brave Gaby! God bless you!
Anonymous 21 August 2014 $330
Go Gabby, Go!
Shri Anwetha 17 August 2014 $100
God Bless you Gabby!!!
Dan Cooke 15 August 2014 $100
Enjoy the Riverwalk!
Rebecca & Alessandro 24 July 2014 $50
Good luck for the River Walk!
Merv & Emma Foster 11 July 2014 $50
Having read of Gabby's illness in the Catholic Leader recently, we wish to make a one-off donation to her support fund. Best wishes to Gabby and her family!
Peter Caldwell 29 June 2014 $500
Go, Gabby, go.
Anonymous 14 June 2014 $40
Best wishes for continued improvement in Gabriela's health. I saw an article in the South East Advertiser and then read this website page. I have two young daughters named Sofia and Gabriella and just wanted to help out in a small way. Kindest Regards Ian
Rowena 12 June 2014 $20
Rowena Rodrigues C2S :)
28 April 2014 $1,071
Anonymous 13 April 2014 $3,740
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