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Team Bailey

Fundraiser: Team Bailey
Event Date: 12/08/2014 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2015 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $29,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $16918.00 (AUD)
Team Bailey

Bailey is a determined strong willed boy who wants to be independent just like his twin brother Cooper.

Bailey's Story:
Hi I'm Bailey, me and my twin brother Cooper were born very early.  Mummy calls us her miracle babies.  I have Cerebral Palsy and Cooper has a zipper were the doctors fixed his heart.  We go to Yamba Public School and we're in Year 2.  I fly on a plane to go to Sydney to have my Botox.  I love flying on the plane because I get to chew bubble-gum so my ears don't hurt.  I have Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Occupational Therapy regularly. I can swim without my floaties  and I  play for the Under 8 Breakers team with Yamba Football Club,  I am really good at Jiu-jitsu because I go to BJJ Yamba every week. I want to be able to ride on my skate board, play hand ball and walk just like my brother Cooper.  It is going to take a lot of hard work but I want to be able to do these things myself.

We need to purchase a vehicle and have it converted for wheel chair access. Bailey is a growing boy and it is getting harder physically to lift him in and out of the car to put him in his wheelchair.  As a 7year old independent boy he wants to do everything for himself, he gets embarrassed for me (mum ) to lift him in and out of the car.
Bailey has to have major surgery on his hips and femur bones.  This will require extensive rehabilitation with many therapists involved.  With Team Bailey we hope to raise the money to cover the cost of this therapy and any additional equipment that may be required. 


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If you have any questions for Team Bailey please call Ann on 0400 501 347 or Trish on 02 6645 8003 or email or send us a message via our Team Bailey Facebook page.


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Tony Hayman 6 June 2017 $250
Donna Edwards 5 December 2016 $600
Merry Xmas Bailey, Cooper and Trish. Hope you all have a fabulous Xmas. Luv Donna and Lyn Watts Energy Pty Ltd
tony hayman 30 June 2016 $200
Go Bailey, we all admire you for your tenacity.
D Edwards 23 May 2016 $1,000
Keep on going Bailey Luv Watts Energy and Staff
Donna Edwards 18 April 2016 $750
Hi Team Bailey, thinking of you the other day, you are all doing so so well, so here a little donation to help you all along the way. I keep singing these boots are made for walking when I think of you Bailey - hope you can hear me.
Offline 25 February 2016 $3,670
Melissa miller 13 February 2016 $50
An inspiring little boy!!!
Anonymous 12 February 2016 $500
Bailey, you little legend. You're an inspiration. Here's a little bit of money towards your big goal. We'll see you walking around town one day
Offline 4 February 2016 $4,545
Meredith Morschel 2 February 2016 $110
A big thank you to Marg Luchetti who donated her time to help us with our store's Christmas Gift Wrapping. We are matching the amount Marg raised.
Donna Edwards 28 January 2016 $500
For the bravest guy we know. Keep on going Bailey, Trish and Coop luv Watts Energy xx
Seana Hollingsworth 21 January 2016 $25
Go get em, mate!
Donna Edwards 8 December 2015 $500
Merry Xmas Trish, Bailey and Cooper luv Donna and Mylo the Cat xoxo
Donna Soden 2 December 2015 $24
Thanks to Trish for embroidering BJJ Yamba's kids hats. $2 from each hat goes to Team Bailey Fund Raising.
Simon McEvoy 27 November 2015 $100
BJJ Yamba Fund Raisers 2 August 2015 $42
For our mate Bailey. Because we think your awesome!!
anthony Hayman 24 June 2015 $250
Donna Edwards 10 June 2015 $2,000
Onward and upwards Bailey, you are a champion. Love from Watts Energy
Anonymous 13 April 2015 $0
Grace Cara 5 February 2015 $200
Margery Forde 3 February 2015 $20
We're on Team Bailey. xxx
Sue Cason 13 December 2014 $30
This donation is to help Bailey in his fundraising efforts.
Donna Edwards 5 December 2014 $250
Merry Xmas Team Bailey luv Donna, Glenn and Mylo xoxoxo
Peter Hind 18 November 2014 $250
Looking forward to hearing Bailey's progress
13 November 2014 $200
Offline donation 1 October 2014 $132
Ben Soden 30 September 2014 $40
Donations collected from my ice bucket challenge. $10 from the Cook family, $10 from my Aunty Joe Soden and $20 from my family. Go Team BAiley!!
Cecilia 17 September 2014 $100
Keep up the good work!!
Offline donation 17 September 2014 $100
Anonymous 16 September 2014 $0
Leanne and Dave 13 September 2014 $0
Margery Forde 12 September 2014 $10
Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Go Team Bailey. Love, Marge and Mike xxx
Carmel Watt 12 September 2014 $10
Go Team Bailey
Brandy Harvey 12 September 2014 $10
Kath 12 September 2014 $50
Go Team Bailey!!
Ruagan 4 September 2014 $15
Go Bailey!! I'm friends with your cousin Leisha, she showed me a video of you giving standing up a really good go and told me how great you and Cooper are! Have fun is Brisbane this weekend!
Oehlmann Family 3 September 2014 $50
Shantell McKee 3 September 2014 $50
All the best you guys. You're an awesome team and from what I read the boys have inherited your determination and just get on with it attitude Trish. All the best to you and the boys on achieving all your dreams and needs.
Katie C 3 September 2014 $50
Matthew Carlin 3 September 2014 $165
Always behind 'Team Bailey'! Keep up the great work Trish! Matty :-) This is the proceeds from the Ice Bucket Challenge that Matt from The Gym Yamba did. Donations are as follows: Jeanette Levey - $20 Shelley Catlin - $20 Stuart Boxsell - $25 April & Matt @ The Gym Yamba - $100
Sharman Naylor 24 August 2014 $20
kylie butchard 23 August 2014 $50
Good luck with the fundraising! May that car be of reach sooner rather than later...cant wait to see a pic
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