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Mayas Mates

Fundraiser: Mayas Mates
Event Date: 05/04/2019 9:00:00 AM - 05/04/2021 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $60,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $14425.00 (AUD)
Mayas Mates

'What if I fall? Oh my darling but what if you fly!'

Hi my name is Maya. I am 14 years old. I love nothing more than days at the beach, building sandcastles and collecting sea shells. I love the colour Yellow and if I had my way I'd live in a yellow house, and drive in a yellow bus, and have yellow hair. I guess Yellow makes me happy. I love to watch Wiggles and watch my favourite star Jay Laga'aia sing.

Check out my Facebook page.

I have Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome, Intellectual disability, Spina Bifida (I use a wheelchair I am a paraplegic) I have Autism and LOTS of medical problems. I am dependent on Oxygen 24/7 and tube fed and have a permanent drip in my chest called a port. I get sick a lot but this year I have been accepted into a Rehab program to help build me up and help me get strong again after two years of being very sick. Mum needs to take me to rehab and wants to take me away to see some of QLD and NSW this year to try and live life to the fullest. You see I am palliaitive care, all of my medical conditions related to my disability make me very fragile and not likely to live to be an adult.

I live with my mum Beck and our cat Elmo. Elmo and I are best friends. He is always with me. This year a thing called NDIS came in and has helped mum so much with all the expenses I have like equipment and supported help, and my other needs. It means mum doesn't have to fundraise constantly anymore. NDIS doesn't cover the cost of transport in helping for a wheelchair van.

Sadly, our second hand wheelchair van we bought 6 years ago is getting old and having lots of mechanical problems. It has costed mum over $12,000 in last five years to try and keep it on the road. We need to purchase a new van that will hopefully last us for a long time. We are trying to sell our house to get some money to pay for the new van and will trade our old van as well for some help but we need help to raise funds for the new van. (our wheelchair lift is still fabulous and in great working order, and we will be putting that in our new van)

We are so grateful for all the love and support and help we have received over the years and we don't like asking for help but mum needs to ask for your help. Mum would love to work again but caring for me is a 24/7 nursing job and there is no one else but her to care for me. If you would like to help us every donation no matter how small over $2 is tax deductible. Every donation is appreciated and helps so much. You can also help by sharing Mayas Facebook page https:/

If you would like to make a donation please head over to and make your donation online to receive an immediate tax receipt via your email. If you would rather a bank transfer and a bank receipt please let us know we can point you in the right direction.

Thank you so much for your time and thanks for being our new mates.

Maya and Beck


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Rosalie Klein 24 August 2020 $50
Hoping this helps a little towards the bus. Regards from a FB friend.
Jen Corcoran 14 August 2020 $150
Vicki 13 August 2020 $50
Lisa 13 August 2020 $100
Nicola 13 August 2020 $500
Carissa Beddows 13 August 2020 $50
For the bus
jen corcoran 13 August 2020 $100
Go Team Maya!
Mrs Parker 17 July 2020 $10,000
Fly Maya!
Mrs P Barker 29 June 2020 $50
Offline donation
Jenni 8 March 2020 $25
Tiffany Enkelman 29 February 2020 $5
Alison Barnhill 28 February 2020 $10
Vicki Agius 28 February 2020 $20
Dear Beck and Maya Hoping we can make your dream come true! Sending love and light! xxx
Laura Appleton 28 February 2020 $50
I am hoping you get all the funds you need to buy your new bus. Xxx
Rachel Russell 26 February 2020 $200
Love you Miss Maya x
Kate 22 February 2020 $200
Barbara Jane Piggott 21 February 2020 $30
madelaine 21 February 2020 $20
Anonymous 20 February 2020 $20
Emma Campbell 20 February 2020 $100
OMG we cant disappoint our girl. lets get a new van.
Kay Finnis 20 February 2020 $50
Love to you both.
Bek & Carl 20 February 2020 $30
Praying you receive the funds you guys need xx
Angela Moore 20 February 2020 $30
Thinking of are both so brave!
Gail Groth 20 February 2020 $50
wish it could be more Bec, praying that you will be so overwhelmed that you can get a new vehicle and everything else you need for darling Maya.
Karen Croke 20 February 2020 $50
Maya and Bec. Sorry it couldn't be more. Hope to get some friends to donate too.
Admin 18 July 2019 $40
Balancing 18/19 donations
Helen Shaw 29 June 2019 $10
I am sending much love and prayers you get to your goal beautiful. I can only donate a small amount but all is helpful. Thank you Maya for being the awesome and amazing young lady you are.
Carissa Beddows 27 June 2019 $10
Anonymous 26 June 2019 $10
Shawn & Kym Kristofer 26 June 2019 $100
Brigitta van Aaken 25 June 2019 $50
You guys deserve every bit of help available x
Leah 6 June 2019 $10
Keep fighting mumma!!!
Christine Roach 6 June 2019 $50
Keep shining brightly beautiful girl ❤️❤️
Belinda 4 June 2019 $20
Anonymous 3 June 2019 $20
God bless you
Simone Fox 2 June 2019 $20
Kim 2 June 2019 $10
Robyn Butterworth 2 June 2019 $10
Maureen Mothershaw 29 May 2019 $50
Have fun with your new wheels!
Anonymous 28 May 2019 $100
Love you to the moon and back Maisy❤️❤️
Georgia 28 May 2019 $10
Kit 28 May 2019 $10
Maria Kamper 28 May 2019 $50
Jodie 28 May 2019 $5
Guastella gang 27 May 2019 $50
Toot toot chugga chugga big red bus!!
Duane 27 May 2019 $10
Hope this small contribution helps you get closer to your goal. Sending love your way.
Kerry Bonneyb 27 May 2019 $10
It's a small amount but I'm so keen to support Maya in any way I can.
Amy Tobin 27 May 2019 $10
Hope you get your wheels soon from Mackenzie and Sheryl's friend Amy
Anonymous 27 May 2019 $10
Sheryl &Kenz 27 May 2019 $20
We hope you raise the much needed money for your van Maya
Anonymous 27 May 2019 $20
Anonymous 14 April 2019 $50
Wendy Burow 10 April 2019 $50
Hoping this will help you on your way to a sparkling new wheelchair Maya ☺
James Murray-Williams 7 April 2019 $20
I hope you get your new car soon Maya. I love driving with my mum most favourite thing to do is visit Grandma at noosa.
Sue Swalling 7 April 2019 $100
Such strong girls
Wendy McDermott 7 April 2019 $50
To two of the strongest people in life, all the best Beck and Maya. xo
Virtual Runner 5 April 2019 $1,500
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