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Hope For Hudson

Fundraiser: Hope For Hudson
Event Date: 30/09/2019 5:00:00 PM - 31/10/2020 5:00:00 PM
Donation Target: $27,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $26320.00 (AUD)
Hope For Hudson

Please join us in raising funds for Hudson, so he can access a one of a kind therapy across the other side of the world.

This is our 5 year old son Hudson. Hudson has severe Regressional Autism affecting all aspects of his life. He is also pre-verbal, meaning that while he can make noises, he does not yet have the ability to say any clear words.

Accessing Stem Cell Therapy is our chance to help Hudson to be able to make significant progress with his development, gain some independence and improve his quality of life. Without this treatment, we are afraid Hudson will never be able to effectively communicate his wants and needs and be able to function in the world around him.

Hudson's Story

Hudson's life hasn't always been filled with the struggles that he now faces each and every day. Before his 2nd birthday he was like any typical child. He was able to speak, be affectionate, play and interact with others around him.

By the time Hudson was 3, he had been diagnosed and his developmental skills had regressed back to that of a 9 month old, he wouldnt even turn to acknowledge if his name was called. We are desperate for any help that will see improvements for Hudson.

Hudson has attended weekly and fortnightly Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for nearly 3 years to no avail. He has not yet developed the skills to effectively communicate through assisted technology. Hudson is solely dependent on us his parents to do even the simplest of tasks for him. He is unable to feed, dress, bathe or toilet by himself. Hudson cannot go out in public without being in the safety of his pram, he has absolutely no concept of danger. Cars, strangers and rivers, etc., do not evoke any fear for him.

Earlier this year, we privately funded the initial Stem Cell Therapy for Hudson. His first treatment has shown some small improvements, though It is recommended that at least 2 rounds of treatment are undertaken. Unfortunately, we are unable to self-fund the second round but we really need this opportunity for Hudson. Without this treatment, all we can do is wait for time to pass and hope and pray that things turn out better for Hudson.

Goals and Needs

Our goal is for Hudson to develop some independence and regain lost skills. Currently his Autism is holding him back from achieving this. The reality is I will not be around forever to dress, feed, wash, carry or speak for my son. Without accessing this treatment, the responsibility of intensively caring for him will eventually fall on someone else. We all know, there is no other love like a mother's love I am scared for what will happen to Hudson if I can't at least try to do the best I can to help him gain some form of independence.

How you can help

If you are able to make a donation to help us get Hudson the therapy that he deserves, please do. Any amount donated is a step forward for Hudson's cause. All support is greatly appreciated and will ultimately mean the world to my little boy.

If you can find it in your heart, please share this page to help raise awareness of Hudson's need to access therapy.

Thank you for your time and support,

Nathanael, Lauren, Baxter, Hudson and Bailee

(The Combridge Family)

Please feel free to contact us either via email, OR reach out to us through Hudson's page and keep up to date with his journey on Hope For Hudsons Autism Journey.



Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Stacey Jones 1 February 2020 $1,245
Best wishes Hudson! Hoping you continue to see gains from another round of treatment.
Fiona 24 January 2020 $50
Sharyn Combridge 22 January 2020 $100
Love to all
Viviene Simpson 19 January 2020 $700
All the best for your treatment.
Sharyn Combridge 14 January 2020 $100
Happy Birthday & Happy Christmas Hudson. I love you very much. Grandma❤❤❤
Kate & Aiden Galea 9 January 2020 $100
Chantelle Bottcher 19 December 2019 $500
You guys are AMAZING parents! I wish Hudson, and you all, the very best life has to offer.
Wendy Berry 30 November 2019 $500
Good Luck for the next treatment!
Ian Pointon 29 November 2019 $50
All the best!
Danny Fletcher 27 November 2019 $50
All the best to Hudson!
David Long 24 November 2019 $500
All the best Hudson
Val & Bill Deans 24 November 2019 $100
Good luck Hudson
Jimmy & Sally Deans 23 November 2019 $1,000
All the best little man
Sharyn Combridge 22 November 2019 $1,000
Love you all. Go Hudson
Roger & Trish 21 November 2019 $100
All the best for Hudson's journey.
Marion Long 21 November 2019 $5,000
Wishing you all of the very best for Hudson and his treatment.
Marion Long 20 November 2019 $5,000
Hoping this treatment can bring further gains.
John Rowland 20 November 2019 $250
Trust this little support for Hudson is an encouragement to you Nat.
gus & wendy 19 November 2019 $1,000
Andrew 18 November 2019 $50
Ryan Long 17 November 2019 $1,000
Good luck, Hudson.
Jo 15 November 2019 $20
Sorry it's not more! Hope you get there !❤️
Tina Dahan 15 November 2019 $20
Luke 13 November 2019 $200
Amie Prince 13 November 2019 $20
Jack & Brittany Willcocks 13 November 2019 $50
All the best Hudson, I hope you and dad get to play catch.
Helen Mynott 12 November 2019 $50
Stay strong little Hudson - wish you well
Allen Ascough 10 November 2019 $200
Keep up the good fight!
Bray 7 November 2019 $10
Caroline Woodeson 5 November 2019 $50
All the best, Hudson.
Wayne Braid 4 November 2019 $20
Christine 3 November 2019 $105
Wishing Hudson all the best, From the Maryborough Young Living Team.
Kylie 2 November 2019 $20
Amanda Smyth 29 October 2019 $50
Wishing you all the best! X
Dan Kruger 24 October 2019 $100
Chloe paterson 23 October 2019 $20
Wishing you and your family all the best ❤
Bec Lyons 23 October 2019 $20
Anonymous 23 October 2019 $200
Viviene Simpson 22 October 2019 $1,000
Wishing Hudson all of the best and hoping for many more gains. Love you little man. xxx
Stacey Jones 21 October 2019 $215
Thanks again to the Bentleys Qld team for your support and generosity. Final matching of your donations dollar for dollar!
Nicole Rodgers 21 October 2019 $20
Wee Lum Tan 21 October 2019 $25
Anonymous 21 October 2019 $20
Ryan O'Donoghue 21 October 2019 $50
Jonathon Wilkinson 21 October 2019 $25
Anna 18 October 2019 $30
Belinda Barnes 17 October 2019 $10
Wishing Hudson all the best with his treatment.
Melanie Lee 17 October 2019 $25
Suzanne Ducie 16 October 2019 $100
Good luck xx
Elvie Relton 16 October 2019 $100
Wishing all the best for Hudson.
Jason Cen 16 October 2019 $10
Andrew Broderick 16 October 2019 $100
We'll be praying for your son and your family
Stacey Jones 15 October 2019 $775
Thanks again to the Bentleys Qld team for your AMAZING support and generosity. Matching all of your donations today dollar for dollar!
Ben Cameron Trust 15 October 2019 $100
Sue Walker 15 October 2019 $10
Thinking of you Hudson and wishing you all the best.
Peter Tran 15 October 2019 $100
Jourdain Ross 15 October 2019 $50
Wishing you all the best for your journey ahead.
Henry Wibawa 15 October 2019 $50
Matt Wilson 15 October 2019 $10
Teresa Maroske 15 October 2019 $50
Best wishes to Hudson and his family.
Jane Rice 15 October 2019 $50
Alannah-Jane Smith 15 October 2019 $10
Best wishes x
Hasi Samaratunga 15 October 2019 $50
Best wishes Hudson.
Ingrid Swalling 15 October 2019 $50
Maria Tsoumbaras 15 October 2019 $20
Heath Shonhan 15 October 2019 $200
Best wishes Hudson + family. Our thoughts are with you. The Shonhan mob
Emma Rostron 15 October 2019 $25
Stacey Jones 14 October 2019 $1,005
A HUGE shout-out to the Bentleys Qld team for your support and generosity for my nephew's appeal. Matching all of your donations dollar for dollar!
Brendan & Tina Goulding 14 October 2019 $500
Best wishes to you Hudson and your caring family, and hope that the next treatment is possible to continue your progress.
Lauren Welk 14 October 2019 $50
Emma van der Pol 14 October 2019 $20
Rohan Dunsdon 14 October 2019 $10
Andrew Keily 14 October 2019 $100
Jayne 14 October 2019 $25
Charlotte 14 October 2019 $30
Gemma Cook 14 October 2019 $50
Emma Howard 14 October 2019 $40
Tania Gillam 14 October 2019 $20
Karen Anson 14 October 2019 $10
Good luck Hudson - you obviously have great parents (and Aunt) :)
Ryan Rostron 14 October 2019 $100
Best wishes
Ben Pepperell 14 October 2019 $20
Jodi Lupton 14 October 2019 $30
Deanne 12 October 2019 $40
Amazing family
Edna Whitelaw 11 October 2019 $40
From the Whitelaw family
Sarah Grey 11 October 2019 $50
Stacey Jones 10 October 2019 $200
Best wishes! Hoping you can fund another round of treatment for Hudson and he can continue to progress and develop. Love seeing his beautiful smile and cheeky face when he is happy!
Kate McKenna 10 October 2019 $50
Best wishes to you all xo
Vanessa Crilley 10 October 2019 $1,000
We love you - from the Scanlan's
Sarah Deans 9 October 2019 $50
Wishing Hudson all the best with his therapy xx
Laurelle Richter 9 October 2019 $50
Hope you reach your target and Hudson gets the 2nd treatment he deserves! Best wishes and good luck!
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