The Developing Foundation was established in 1978 by families seeking appropriate treatment for a loved one with brain injury or developmental disability.

2 Walk In My Shoes

Fundraiser: 2 Walk In My Shoes
Event Date: 11/04/2014 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2015 9:00:00 AM
Donation Target: $20,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $3048.20 (AUD)
2 Walk In My Shoes

Braydan is a determined strong willed little boy who wants to be independent.

My name is Braydan and I am 5 years old.  The first 11 weeks of my life I was in hospital undergoing MRI's, CT scans, EEGs and heaps of blood tests.  The specialists explained to my parents, Jamie and Mandy that I was born with Joubert Syndrome (JS) - a rare, genetic disorder that affects the area of the brain that controls balance and co-ordination.   Even though they continued to tell my Mummy and Daddy that I may never walk, talk or be able to hold onto items, I have amazed doctors with my progress through Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions.It took me a long time to be able to sit up by myself and I taught myself to get around by sliding on my side, the downside was that I wore a patch on my head that Mummy bandaged each day. I can now crawl on my hands and knees, which I am doing with increased speed and strength, and I’m proud of myself now that I can pull myself up onto furniture.  I love the excitement on my Mummy and Daddy’s face when I try and walk around tables.

To get the nutrition I need my Mummy is like a nurse, making sure I receive my scheduled medications and food through a gastric feeding tube (or ‘button’) inserted through my tummy.  I’d like to be able to eat food normally and at times I tease my Mummy and Daddy by putting food to my lips. My impaired immune system means I’m susceptible to infections and get sick often. I find it difficult to communicate however I’m learning how to sign.

My Mummy and Daddy never let me miss out, including me in everyday activities and encouraging me by holding me up so I don’t fall.  I love my iPad; I amaze my family by how quickly I can find my way around new programs. Everyone knows I just LOVE the Wiggles; I’m quite a GROOVY dancer.

With each birthday I’m getting taller and heavier which makes me sad as I can feel the strain on my Mummy’s back when she lifts me into my stroller.  I have recently received a power drive wheelchair so that I can get about more easily, especially since I’ve started school.  Unfortunately my new wheelchair won’t fit in our current family car, so we need to purchase a vehicle that allows wheelchair access.  Through The Developing Foundation, we are fundraising but it’s slow.  If you’d like to help me achieve greater independence, please make a donation.

How can you help?

  • Sponsor 2 Walk In My Shoes for the annual Riverwalk Event by simply pressing the “donate now” button on my webpage and receive a tax deductible receipt for donations over $2. You can read about the event at
  • Email this link to your friends, family & colleagues and invite them to donate
  • Helping our team 2 Walk In My Shoes with practical things and support

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. The Developing Foundation commits 90% of funds raised by or donated to our team, to these unmet needs. The remaining 10% is used by the charity to cover credit card charges, administration and support.

For more information on helping or if you have any questions please email or follow Braydan’s progress on his Facebook page

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.
Braydan, Jamie, Mandy & Family XxoO


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Xueer Zhang 6 August 2016 $45
Andy Turner 18 February 2016 $100
Andy Turner 23 October 2015 $47
Andy Turner 31 July 2015 $57
Andy Turner 15 June 2015 $49
Andy Turner 6 May 2015 $44
Andy Turner 17 March 2015 $10
Andy Turner 17 March 2015 $45
I run parkrun Cleveland each week and have decided to donate for every parkrun km - It's a 5k run so I'll donate $5 for each week (Backdated to Jan 1st) I run which is most weeks. If I get a PB I'll double that each week. Hope we can get you to your target. Every time I run parkrun I can think of you and your goals!! Yay.
Rebecca Mann 26 November 2014 $20
Merry Christmas and all the best with the fundraising.
Micheal Grogan 10 November 2014 $233
Offline 12 September 2014 $968
Noela Burton 8 September 2014 $20
Hope you raise heaps Nettie. N x
Belinda Lawrence 13 June 2014 $20
Our thoughts are with you
Gary 13 June 2014 $50
Best wishes little dude
Matthew Hooper 10 June 2014 $600
Donation made on behalf of the Gympie Logistics team.
Kate Killeen 17 May 2014 $20
Gorgeous smile xx
Anonymous 20 April 2014 $100
Happy Easter Braydan - you are an inspiration to us all..!
Heather & Charlotte 15 April 2014 $50
Hugs and kisses - hp and Charlotte
Rachel Piggot 13 April 2014 $50
"With love from us xxxxxx"
Vanessa Cross 13 April 2014 $50
"Hi Braydan, Hope you get your Upsee harness soon. Love from us all"
Vanessa Cross 13 April 2014 $100
"Hey gorgeous family. Best of luck. Love us"
Ngaire Koch 13 April 2014 $20
"You go Brayden! We're all cheering you on little man."
Melissa Chapman 13 April 2014 $20
"Best wishes"
Dave and Tanya 13 April 2014 $50
Cher and Mark Gwynne 13 April 2014 $100
"Go the Champ!!!"
Dylan Davey 13 April 2014 $100
"Happy Birthday Braydan" Love uncle Dylan X"
Daniel Lee 13 April 2014 $10
"Your the best cousin we could ever ask for: love Katelin and Izabelle xoxo"
Daniel Lee 13 April 2014 $30
"Love you lots Braydan"
Dave and Tanya 13 April 2014 $20
Dave and Tanya 13 April 2014 $20
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