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Mayas Mates

Fundraiser: Mayas Mates
Event Date: 12/06/2014 9:00:00 AM - 30/06/2015 9:00:00 AM
Donation Target: $30,000.00 (AUD)
Current Total Raised: $14699.39 (AUD)
Mayas Mates

My name is MAYA. My my name means" DEVINE CREATIVE FORCE IN EVERYTHING".   I am nine years old and I love birthdays.
Making every moment count......That is my mummy's motto...... I am just like other little girls my age only I have many daily challenges. I love the simple things in life, blowing bubbles, painting, playing with my cousins, listening to Grandma on the phone, the Wiggles, school (when I am well enough to go) and learning new things.
It was 5.25pm on the afternoon of the 05.05.05 when I made my entrance into this world. I made it in style, with a team of 20 specialists and nurses in the operating theatre ready to meet me.  Just  23 hours later, I had my first major surgery. This surgery took 12 hours and involved a team of neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons to repair a large whole in my back where my spinal cord was on the outside and to operate on my brain, as well for Hydrocphalus. As my mummy Bec and my grandma and poppy waited in a small waiting room just near my mummys hospital room, my mummy knew this was the beginning of a journey of love, tears, laughter, heartache and worry.  This operation was the first of 63 operations that I would have to date.
What my mummy didnt realise was that she was about to begin a life with a gorgeous highly spirited little lady, who makes her  laugh daily with my warped sense of humour.
I was born with a condition called Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome. It results from a deletion in my number 22 chromosome pair. As a result of my VCFS I have 27 serious medical conditions and five diagnosed disabilities. We could go into all of these in detail however it's more important to share  how these disabilities and medical conditions affect my daily Life. 
I use a wheelchair for my mobility because I cannot walk as I am an incomplete paraplegic.  I have restrictive lung disease so I need  to have oxygen running via nasal prongs so I can breath.. I am  oxygen dependent when I am asleep or unwell. I have a special button in my tummy so mummy can feed me and give me my medicine. I cannot go to the toilet like other people and my mummy has to use cathetors every four hours to help me.  I also have a special bag called a stoma bag that my mummy also takes care of,  because my bowel is outside of my tummy, as I now have full bowel and bladder failure.
Some of my medical condtions are life threatening and in recent times I have been refered to the Paliative Care Team.  Sometimes due to my medical issues mummy has to give me injections for my adrenal insufficiency and monitor my diabetes, as well as help me with all aspects of daily living. I sometimes have epileptic seizures and mummy manages those too. My mummy is my hero.
We go to a lot of hospital appointments and mummy and I spend weeks and weeks in hospital every year as in- patients, but mummy and I still have fun and manage as best we can given our difficult and unusual circumstances. 
The cost of caring for me given my many medical issues and disabilities far outweighs my mummy's carer payment as a sole carer.  Every year we fundraise to meet my basic medical, therapy and equipment costs that are not covered by any government funding.  This year is no different. Please help my mummy and I to fundraise and spread our message so that we can continue to spend special times together by:

? Becoming our Mate
? Sponsor our team by making a tax deductible donation
? Promote awareness by emailing Maya’s web page to your  friends and family
? Join us on  7th September for the Riverwalk
If you would like to learn more please email my  mummy on or check out my special  cause page on Facebook called ‘Maya’s Mates’, where you can follow my achievements.
All funds raised are managed by The Developing Foundation Inc. 90% of the funds raised go directly to Maya’s special needs. The balance is used to cover administration and credit charges. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and you will not receive any additional credit card charges.
My mummy and I appreciate any support you are able to offer us.  Help make every moment of my life count for me.

Maya and Rabecca (my mummy)


Funds Raised


Fundraiser Supporters:

Offline 23 November 2015 $200
Anonymous 7 August 2015 $100
Offline 11 May 2015 $100
Anonymous 11 May 2015 $400
Carmel O'Leary 20 April 2015 $50
Well done to Bev on her amazing achievement and to you and Maya too, Rebecca. All th verry best.
Anonymous 2 April 2015 $40
Megan 2 April 2015 $0
Lauren Taddeo 24 March 2015 $50
Renee Chad 21 March 2015 $20
We have made a donation and shared your link
Tom or Sally 20 March 2015 $20
Cherine 18 March 2015 $25
Betty Elmes 18 March 2015 $50
Keep smiling beautiful girl.
Nelly Diaz 17 March 2015 $218
on behalf of Nelly Diaz (Sonia Brown's mum) and friends.
James Rees 16 March 2015 $50
16 March 2015 $25
claire 16 March 2015 $25
get home soon maya xxx
Debbie McLaughlin 16 March 2015 $24
All the best brave Maya
Jennelle Dupuy 16 March 2015 $50
You are a very brave young lady.
Leanne Bouma 15 March 2015 $50
Hope you get home soon Maya
Anonymous 14 March 2015 $50
Kate Roth 14 March 2015 $50
Anonymous 14 March 2015 $50
For a precious little girl and her devoted mummy
Sue Rigato 14 March 2015 $50
Jacinta 13 March 2015 $25
Melissa 13 March 2015 $5
Enjoy being home Maya!
bromilow 13 March 2015 $25
Wishing you both a speedy exit from hospital
Facebook Auction 13 March 2015 $549
Carole bonny 13 March 2015 $200
Bec and maya,wishing you peace and comfort of your own home xxx
Anonymous 13 March 2015 $20
Best wishes
Elly Higginbottom 13 March 2015 $10
Your story breaks my heart but you sound like a little fighter and you have an amazing mummy to look after you. So much love and thoughts to you. From a future nurse xx
tamara playne 13 March 2015 $10
Liz Rolls 13 March 2015 $10
You are in my prayers Maya xx
Brett Esbensen 12 March 2015 $500
Rhiannon Matthews 12 March 2015 $20
Hoping for you to be home soon sweetheart.
Adrienne Gilligan 12 March 2015 $10
Hoping that Maya gets to come home soon.
Anonymous 12 March 2015 $25
Hope you get home soon Maya.
Priscilla Gunton 12 March 2015 $10
Hope you get there love! Am thinking of you all - sending love and hugs from Priscilla G
The Aldridge Family 12 March 2015 $20
Support and strength to dear Maya and the family xx
Anonymous 12 March 2015 $10
Hoping you can get Maya home! Sending much love from a fellow foundation family (Master J). Dani
Amy Robinson 12 March 2015 $20
Keep smiling beautiful girl xx
Anonymous 12 March 2015 $5
Merran Aguilera 12 March 2015 $100
Maureen Mothershaw 12 March 2015 $50
There's no place like home...
Maree Tyrrell 12 March 2015 $10
Beautiful Maya! I watch your story and think you are incredible and so is your mum. Sending you so much love.
Carissa Bahr 12 March 2015 $100
The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. Maya Angelou
The Macgregor Family 12 March 2015 $50
Jennie 11 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $10
Keep fighting the good fight you little champion X
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $10
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $15
Sharon and Peter Benson 11 March 2015 $50
Rachel Russell 11 March 2015 $50
With much love Maya and Bec.... hope you can get home soon xx
Peter Keyes 11 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $40
Always in our hearts and prayers. XX
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $100
Thoughts and prayers for little maya and her mum. Xx
Teresa Holding 11 March 2015 $100
Donation made on behalf of the Wondai Rugby League Seniors
Janelle Campbell 11 March 2015 $25
Melissa 11 March 2015 $3
Kym Jackson 11 March 2015 $100
Hope you get home soon, love to you both xx
Michelle Henry 11 March 2015 $100
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $30
Jennifer Shannon 11 March 2015 $30
We have learnt of Maya through Tommy Waddell and hope you can get Maya home as soon as possible! Love and hugs! xx
Sue Schultz 11 March 2015 $100
Happy to help such a brave little girl and her wonderful Mum.
Michaelle Paterson 11 March 2015 $100
Looking forward to seeing a picture of you both at home very soon. Xo
Sara Adams 11 March 2015 $20
I hope she can get home so she can be withe her family for her final time on this earh!
Lynne Lund 11 March 2015 $10
Hope you can get home soon beautiful one xoxo
Tommy Waddell 11 March 2015 $30
Hope you are home in your own bed soon x
Anna 11 March 2015 $10
Praying for you Maya, I hope you get to go home soon!
Rachel 11 March 2015 $5
A friend on Facebook posted about Maya. I hope you can get her home x
Wendy 11 March 2015 $20
i cannot wait to hear that you guys are home again. Love hugs thoughts and prayers
Kazza 11 March 2015 $5
sending love x
Sally Fischer 11 March 2015 $50
Hope you get Maya home!
Beverley Sipos 11 March 2015 $50
Hi Maisy Mouse...You're The BOMB!!! Love you, Aunty Bev xx
O'Shea Family 11 March 2015 $50
You have our support (:
Samantha Lynch 11 March 2015 $10
patricia lenehan 11 March 2015 $50
My niece in Brisbane (Kate) has talked to me today about Maya & I am only too happy to donate towards bringing her home.
Anderson Family 11 March 2015 $30
Symone & Alexis Jensen 11 March 2015 $20
You are both very deserving of support & keep marching & shining your light :-)
Thea 11 March 2015 $20
Amy-Leigh Lyell 11 March 2015 $10
You are such an inspiration Maya. I hope you get home very soon.♡♡♡
Tracey Healy 11 March 2015 $30
Sally Francis 11 March 2015 $5
carissa beddows 11 March 2015 $30
Rebecca Haak 11 March 2015 $20
I have watched your journey for awhile now. The strength you both show absolutely blows me away. My thoughts are always with you - keep up the fight. X
Mariela Sotelo 11 March 2015 $50
God Bless you Maya and mom!
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $60
Vicki 11 March 2015 $10
kylie 11 March 2015 $5
Wendy Burow 11 March 2015 $100
Hoping this donation will make a difference to little Maya's comfort & happiness :)
Claudette Leigh 11 March 2015 $20
Let's get Maya home!
Madonna 11 March 2015 $20
Hope you raise what you need to get her out and home. Sending you both big loves. x
Liz Walsh 11 March 2015 $10
thinking of you always xx
Kate Carey 11 March 2015 $10
Kristie Walker 11 March 2015 $20
Adrienne 11 March 2015 $10
Wishing two very brave & inspiring girls all the very best & the comforts of home .
Steven Luxford 11 March 2015 $10
Kylie Maudsley 11 March 2015 $40
11 March 2015 $10
God bless you on this journey xx
Robyn McGee 11 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 11 March 2015 $50
Goodluck with everything!!
Olivia Miles 10 March 2015 $10
Hope you get home soon guys. Love Liv and Ben xx
Donna Jones 10 March 2015 $20
$20 Much Unconditional Love DJ n Jade!
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $50
Xx sending love
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $50
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $50
big hugs sweet girl xx
Rachael Tiernan 10 March 2015 $100
Love you both, precious girls. Keep fighting the good fight. xoxoxo
coreen Topp 10 March 2015 $10
Their ain't no place like home! Xoxo
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $100
Sending you our prayers
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $200
I am in awe of how you face each day with such positivity! I have never met your mum but I aspire to be just like her! Deserved of Best Mum Ever award!
Jaime 10 March 2015 $4
Robyn Butterworth 10 March 2015 $10
Danielle 10 March 2015 $10
I hope this all helps to make things and Life a little a little more bearable and I Pray Maya can enjoy some very much needed Home Time Blessing Danielle Banks
Ben&kylee Townsend 10 March 2015 $20
simon meola 10 March 2015 $20
Bek Wilson 10 March 2015 $5
Thinking you both
Eleanor Saad 10 March 2015 $30
home sweet home.. big love to you brave Maya xxx
Lanie 10 March 2015 $25
Nicky 10 March 2015 $10
Kristina 10 March 2015 $50
God bless you
Marita Phegan 10 March 2015 $10
hope Maya gets home
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $10
Cathy maguire 10 March 2015 $25
Hoping this will help get you home. Love the Maguire's. xx
Angie Petersen 10 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $5
Sending love and white light. We must get Maya home xxx
Liz 10 March 2015 $10
Kelly Du Bois 10 March 2015 $10
helen james 10 March 2015 $10
Melissa 10 March 2015 $20
continuously sending bunches of love your way little lady x
Amanda 10 March 2015 $5
jessie ayoub 10 March 2015 $10
Annette 10 March 2015 $10
Melissa Ferrante 10 March 2015 $20
Joanne Rose 10 March 2015 $50
Be home soon little angel
yuki engwirda 10 March 2015 $2
Thinking of you.
Kisha Avenell 10 March 2015 $50
Kerry Whannell 10 March 2015 $40
Tania 10 March 2015 $15
Dear little Maya, i hope you get home again soon. You and your mummy are both so very strong and you deserve to be together in your own home.
Kellie Vorhauer 10 March 2015 $30
Hope you get what you need to make your girls life easier x
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $20
ana wairepo 10 March 2015 $10
Maya and Bec you never cease to amaze me! Bec your strength & love so pure and unconditional a mothers love ♥ maya your strength courage and the way you fight for every day is astounding! Such a brave courageous little girl. Loads of love always xox
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $5
Blessings on you Maya xxxxx
Tanya Rinas 10 March 2015 $10
Connor Tia 10 March 2015 $20
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $5
In our prayers always. Love from our family to yours, little Maya. May God lift ill health from you and restore your body to full health. You are His Miracle child! Keep smiling that beautiful smile! xo
Deb Gee 10 March 2015 $10
Hoping that Maya can get out of Hospital. Dear Little Lady.
Kirsten Bosly 10 March 2015 $25
Hi Maya, I wish I could donate more but I hope this helps to get you home. Every time your Mummy updates Facebook, I am amazed at how strong you both are. So much love to you both. Kirsten
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $9
only a small donation but it all helps! XX
Doreen Deede 10 March 2015 $10
Jen 10 March 2015 $50
Sending positive vibes and good thoughts your way!
Joanne Flanagn 10 March 2015 $5
To help bring Mays home .. Love to you all Xx
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $30
Hope you get Maya home - much nicer being at home than in hospital! Such a brave little girl!
Bella Rose 10 March 2015 $30
Hope your home soon beautiful Maya
Anonymous 10 March 2015 $5
Jess 10 March 2015 $10
Kym-Cheree 10 March 2015 $10
I can't think of anything worse than being stuck in hospital for such an extended time ~ especially for a child. My very best wishes in getting Maya home ASAP xx
Karen Trevers-Grace 10 March 2015 $40
Blessings from a VCFS Warrior Princess' Mummy.
Stacey Parker 10 March 2015 $10
Anonymous 9 January 2015 $200
Anonymous 29 December 2014 $144
Happy New Year to gorgeous Maya and her mum
Offline donations & Events 18 December 2014 $800
Anonymous 6 December 2014 $300
With much love to Maya and her wonderful mum. xx
Kingsthorpe School Event 5 December 2014 $106
FB Auction 11 November 2014 $980
Beary Special Friends 11 November 2014 $112
BJ Parker 4 November 2014 $1,000
Anonymous 28 October 2014 $50
Anonymous 13 October 2014 $1,650
For Maya's bed
simon meola 12 October 2014 $50
For Maya's bed
Bryson 28 September 2014 $100
Offline 12 September 2014 $900
Offline 12 September 2014 $35
Offline 12 September 2014 $80
Lachlan Henry 9 September 2014 $50
Offline 15 August 2014 $400
claire 20 July 2014 $50
Anonymous 17 July 2014 $30
Truly inspiring mother & daughter - all the best to you both.
Chocolate fundraiser 11 July 2014 $200
Cass McIver 1 July 2014 $500
The Macgregor Family 30 June 2014 $50
Anonymous 18 June 2014 $60
You are both amazing and inspirational.
Bev Dorgan 14 June 2014 $20
Anonymous 13 June 2014 $50
Anonymous 13 June 2014 $20
Maya, you and your Mum are amazing!!!
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